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口述 (楊大為) 第 043 首 (請大聲跟讀, 直到可以於口述的留空間隔唸完整句為止) [檢視72首 唱歌 的曲目]

  • It's Now Or Never
  • 勿失良機
  • It's now or never, come hold me tight
  • 把握現在,機會不再;請緊緊擁抱我

  • Kiss me my darling, be mine tonight
  • 親愛的,吻我!希望你今晚只屬於我

  • Tomorrow will be too late
  • 明天就太遲了

  • It's now or never, my love won't wait
  • 勿失良機;我的愛不會等待

  • When I first saw you with your smile so tender
  • 當我第一次見到你,你的笑容嬌柔無比

  • My heart was captured, my soul surrendered
  • 我的心已被你俘虜,我的靈魂已臣服於你

  • I'd spend a lifetime waiting for the right time
  • 我用一輩子等待這一刻的到來

  • Now that you're near, the time is here at last
  • 如今你就在身旁,這一刻終於來臨

  • Just like a willow, we would cry an ocean
  • 有如一棵楊柳樹,我倆會淚流成河

  • If we lost true love and sweet devotion
  • 如果我們失去了真愛和以身相許

  • Your lips excite me, let your arms invite me
  • 你的雙唇令我興奮,用你的雙臂來邀請我

  • For who knows when we'll meet again this way
  • 我倆將會如同此時此景再度相逢

do you know! do you know!
EPT 美語
EPT 美語
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