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第二部 第四課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Read this book by Professor Weather -- he's a top gun in Shakespeare research.
  • 大家看一下威特教授寫的這本書,他是在莎士比亞研究方面最優秀的學者。
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  • Sorry, I don't handle divorces myself,
  • 對不起,我本人沒有處理離婚案這種業務....
  • but if you really want to divorce your husband,
  • 但是,如果你一定要和你丈夫離婚,...
  • I can give you the name of two of the top guns in New York when it comes to getting a good divorce settlement.
  • 我可以把紐約的兩個在處理離婚財產方面最好的律師介紹給你。
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  • I hate to tell you this, but if we don't get more customers the next three months,
  • 我很不願意告訴你們.但是要是我們在今後三個月裡不能招攬更多的顧客的話,...
  • the bottom line is that we'll go out of business.
  • 最後結果是我們一定會倒閉的。
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  • Our new cook from Sichuan is bringing in a lot more people.
  • 我們那個從四川來的新廚師吸引了不少顧客....
  • And the bottom line is that last month we made a profit of fifteen thousand dollars.
  • 其結果是上個月我們結算賺了一萬五千美元。
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EPT 美語
EPT 美語
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