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第二部 第六課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • When this guy running for Congres told us how much money he'd save us taxpayers,
  • 當這個競選國會議員席位的人對我們說,他會為我們這些繳稅的人省多少錢的時候,...
  • we all gave him the horse laugh.
  • 我們大家都哄堂大笑....
  • We knew when he was in the state legislature he always voted for higher taxes.
  • 因為我們都知道,在他擔任州議員的時候,他老是投票贊成提高稅收的。
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  • Harry thinks he's God's gift to women, that none of them can resist his charm.
  • 哈里總是以為自己具有莫大的魅力,女人們都會傾心於他,他就像上帝恩賜給女人的禮物一樣....
  • So we all gave him the horse laugh when he asked the new girl in class to go to a movie and she told him to get lost.
  • 所以,當他請班裡新來的那個女孩去看電影,而被那個女孩子毫不客氣地拒絕了的時候,我們都禁不住地嘲笑他。
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  • I used to laugh at my roommate in college,
  • 我過去在大學的時候總是潮笑我同宿舍的同學,...
  • he'd stay in and study on weekends while I went out for a good time.
  • 因為他週末老是待在學校裡唸書,而我呢總是出去玩....
  • But I guess he has the last laugh on me.
  • 現在啊我猜想他一定很得意地在笑我....
  • He's a famous brain surgeon and me, I'm selling used cars and barely make enough to live on.
  • 他已經成為一個腦外科專家,而我呢,則以賣舊汽車為生,只能勉強餬口。
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EPT 美語
EPT 美語
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