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第二部 第七課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • When Ann came back from her long vacation, we gave her the red carpet treatment.
  • 當 Ann 度了一個很長的假期後,我們像貴賓一樣地歡迎她回來。
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  • It was a real red letter day for me when my son came home from three years in the navy.
  • 我兒子在海軍裡服役了三年,他回家的那天,對我來說真是一個大喜日子,...
  • We rolled out the red carpet to welcome him home.
  • 我們把他當貴賓一樣地來歡迎他回到家。
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  • I'm lucky--my birthday is a real red letter day.
  • 我運氣真好,我的生日真是個大日子啊!...
  • It's on December 31, New Year's eve and all over the world people are celebrating it.
  • 那是十二月三十一號,剛好是除夕日,全世界的人都在慶祝這一天。
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  • With all the red tape I ran into at city hall,
  • 我在市政廳遇到了種種的官僚主義的麻煩;...
  • it took me three months to get my business license.
  • 我花了整整三個月才拿到了營業執照。
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  • You can't believe how much red tape there is in getting a visa.
  • 你簡直不會相信,要拿一個簽證會遇到多少官僚主義的麻煩....
  • You have to get a birth certificate and other personal papers
  • 你先要拿到你的出生證明和其他有關你個人的證件,...
  • and fill out a bunch of complicated forms and have an interview. After that you wait and wait.
  • 然後填一大堆複雜的表格,接著還要去面談.辦完這些事以後,你還得一等再等。
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EPT 美語
EPT 美語
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