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第二部 第12課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Every time I ask Joe to pay back the money he borrowed from me,
  • 每當我要喬伊還他向我借的錢的時候,...
  • he sings the blues about all the things at home he needs money for.
  • 他總是訴苦著說他家裡有多少的費用要支出。
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  • Don't pay any attention to that guy!
  • 別聽那傢伙所說的話....
  • He's always singing the blues about how poor he is,
  • 他老是訴苦,說他有多麼地窮,...
  • but the truth is he has more bucks in the bank than the two of us put together.
  • 可是事實上,他在銀行裡的錢比我們兩個人的加在一起還要多。
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  • A driver may testify that he was going the normal speed limit when...
  • 一個開車的人可能會在作證的時候說,正當他以正常的速度行駛的時候,...
  • a truck appeared in front of him out of the blue and he did not have time to stop.
  • 一輛卡車突然出現在他的面前,以致於他來不及剎車。
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  • The announcement that the president of our university was quitting to go to another school...
  • 我們大學的校長宣佈他決定辭職到另外一個學校去工作時,...
  • hit us like a bolt out of the blue.
  • 我們都感到很突然,...
  • He's always said he liked it here so much he would stay until he retired.
  • 因為他老是說他很喜歡這裡,他要一直在這裡工作直到退休。
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EPT 美語
EPT 美語
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