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一月份 第 03 課

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  • (2014-01-03) ------

  • Chinese Rescue Icebreaker May be Mired in Antarctic Ice
  • 中國的救援破冰船或被困南極冰面
  •   All 52 passengers aboard a Russian research ship stuck in ice for over a week in Antarctica were airlifted to safety Thursday, but now there are concerns that a Chinese vessel involved in the rescue has also gotten stuck.
  • 一艘俄羅斯科學考察船在南極浮冰中被困一個多星期後,船上 52 名乘客已全部被直升機安全撤離,但目前擔心參與營救行動的中國破冰船“雪龍號”也會困在冰面。

  •   On Friday, the crew of the Chinese icebreaker Snow Dragon, which provided the helicopter used in the airlift, said they were worried about their ship's ability to move through the thick sea ice after remaining stationary for several days.
  • “雪龍號” 船員星期五說,他們擔心這艘破冰船在停止航行數天後,是否能從厚厚的冰層中駛出;“雪龍號” 上的直升機完成了撤離俄羅斯科考船乘客的行動。

  •   The Australian Maritime Safety Authority says the Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis, tasked with taking the rescued passengers back to Australia, has been instructed to stay in the area temporarily in case the Snow Dragon needs help.
  • 澳大利亞海事安全局說,澳大利亞破冰船 “南極光號” 已經接到指示,要暫時留在該地區,以備 “雪龍號” 需要幫助;“南極光號” 負責把獲救乘客送到澳大利亞。

  •   The Authority said the crew of the Chinese ship will attempt to break through to open water early Saturday when tidal conditions are more favorable.
  • 澳大利亞海事安全局說,“雪龍號” 將於星期六清晨嘗試駛過冰層,那時的潮汐條件比較有利。


  • (2014-01-03) ------

  • Israel's Sharon in a Decline
  • 以色列的沙龍病情惡化
  •   Former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon's health has deteriorated further, with hospital officials now saying he is in a "slow, steady decline."
  • 以色列前總理沙龍的健康進一步惡化,醫院當局目前表示他的狀況正在緩慢、穩步地下降。

  •   The director of the Tel Hashomer hospital (, Zeev Rotstein,) said Friday that Mr. Sharon's kidneys and other vital organs are now malfunctioning.
  • 特哈休莫醫院的負責人基夫‧羅特斯坦星期五說,沙龍的腎臟和其他重要器官的功能已經紊亂。

  •   The hospital said Thursday the 85-year-old former Israeli leader was in critical condition.
  • 這家醫院星期四說,現年 85 歲的前以色列領導人健康狀況堪憂。

  •   He has been in a coma since suffering a stroke in 2006 at the height of his political power.
  • 沙龍自 2006 年在政治權力頂峰時期出現的一次中風後一直昏迷。

  •   Mr. Sharon was one of Israel's most iconic and controversial figures.
  • 沙龍是以色列一位標誌性人物也是最具爭議的領導人之一。

  •   In mid-2005, he directed a unilateral withdrawal of Israeli troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip, ending a 38-year military control of the territory.
  • 2005 年中期,他指揮了一次從加沙地帶單方撤離以色列軍隊和定居者的行動,結束了持續了 38 年對該地區的軍事控制。

  •   It was considered by many to be a shocking turnaround for a man who had been a leading player in building Jewish settlements in captured Palestinian territories.
  • 沙龍的舉動被很多人認為是一個令人震驚的轉變,因為他曾是在被佔領的巴勒斯坦領地上建造猶太人定居點的一名主導者。

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