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一月份 第 04 課

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  • (2014-01-06) ------

  • US Senate Voting on Yellen as Central Bank Chief
  • 美國參議院將表決任命耶倫為中央銀行行長問題
  •   The U.S. Senate appears set to confirm Janet Yellen as the new chair of the country's central bank, making her one of the most powerful figures in world economic circles.
  • 美國國會參議院看來將批准耶倫接任美國中央銀行首腦職位,使她成為世界經濟領域權勢最大的人之一。

  •   The Senate is scheduled to vote late Monday on her nomination as chair of the Federal Reserve and analysts say she has enough votes to win confirmation.
  • 按照預定安排,美國參議院將於星期一晚間就任命耶倫為美國聯邦儲備委員會主席一事進行表決;分析人士說,她將得到足夠的票數,獲得這項任命。

  •   She would become the first woman to head the 100-year-old agency and replace Ben Bernanke when his eight-year tenure expires at the end of January.
  • 她(耶倫) 將接替伯南克,成為有著 1 百年歷史的美聯儲的首位女主席;伯南克的八年任期將於 1 月底屆滿。

  •   The head of the U.S. Federal Reserve has often influenced world economic decisions. Economists are predicting that the 67-year-old Yellen, the Fed's current vice chair, will continue many of Bernanke's policies.
  • 美聯儲主席經常影響著世界範圍的經濟決策;經濟學家們預計,現年 67 歲的耶倫將繼續執行伯南克的許多政策;耶倫目前擔任美聯儲副主席。

  •   They both have called for a gradual end to the central bank's direct support of the U.S. economy and continued low interest rates.
  • 伯南克和耶倫都主張逐步結束美聯儲對美國經濟的直接支援,並繼續保持低利率。

  •   The chief economist at the country's biggest bank, James Glassman of JPMorgan Chase, tells VOA that Federal Reserve policies will be shaped by the performance of the world's largest economy as it recovers from its steep recession in 2008 and 2009.
  • 美國最大銀行摩根大通的首席經濟學家格拉斯曼對美國之音說,在美國這個世界最大經濟體從 2008 年至 2009 年的大幅衰退中復蘇之際,美聯儲將根據美國經濟的表現來制定政策。


  • (2014-01-06) ------

  • South Korea Calls for Renewed Family Reunions
  • 南韓呼籲恢復讓韓戰離散家庭團聚活動
  •   South Korea's president has called for resuming reunions of families separated by the Korean War, and promised increased humanitarian aid to the impoverished North.
  • 南韓總統樸槿惠呼籲恢復讓韓戰離散家庭團聚活動,並承諾為貧困的朝鮮提供更多人道援助。

  •   At her televised New Year news conference Monday, President Park Geun-hye said she wants the reunions to take place on the Lunar New Year's Day on January 31 to "heal wounded hearts."
  • 樸槿惠星期一在電視轉播的新年記者會上表示,希望能在 1 月 31 日的農曆新年舉辦離散家庭團聚活動,以“彌合心頭的創傷”。

  •   North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called last week for improved ties in his New Year's Day speech, which also included a threat of nuclear war.
  • 朝鮮領導人金正恩上星期發表新年講話,呼籲同南韓改善關係,同時在講話中發出核戰爭威脅。

  •   President Park responded Monday that what is important is not words, but action and sincerity.
  • 樸槿惠總統星期一做出回應說,重要的不是言辭,而是行動和誠意。

  •   She told reporters that since the execution of Kim Jong Un's uncle, Jang Song Thaek last month, it has been harder to predict what the North might do next.
  • 她對記者們說,金正恩的姑父張成澤上月被處決後,朝鮮的行為變得更加難以預測。

  •   North Korea canceled a round of reunions last year, blaming hostility from the South.
  • 朝鮮去年取消了一次離散家庭團聚,並將此歸咎於南韓方面的敵意。

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