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一月份 第 10 課

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  • (2014-01-14) ------

  • China: Baby-Stealing Obstetrician Gets Suspended Death Penalty
  • 中國一婦產科醫生因拐賣嬰兒被判死緩
  •   A Chinese court has given a suspended death sentence to a doctor convicted of stealing seven newborn babies and selling them to human traffickers.
  • 中國一家法院判處一名醫生死刑緩期,罪名是把七名新生嬰兒拐賣給人口販子。

  •   The Weinan Intermediate Court in northern Shaanxi province on Tuesday announced the sentence, which in China usually amounts to life imprisonment.
  • 陜西省渭南市中級人民法院星期二宣佈了這項判決;在中國,死緩通常相當於無期徒刑。

  •   Zhang Shuxia, who delivered babies at a hospital in Shaanxi province's Fuping county, acknowledged in court to trafficking the seven babies.
  • 張淑俠是陜西省富平縣一家醫院的婦產科醫生;她在法庭上承認拐賣了七名嬰兒。

  •   The 55-year-old female obstetrician was accused of persuading parents to give up their children after falsely claiming they had serious, congenital diseases.
  • 現年 55 歲的張淑俠被控對新生嬰兒的父母謊稱嬰兒有嚴重的先天性疾病,然後勸說他們放棄自己的孩子。

  •   Six of the children have been rescued, but one died after being trafficked for $165.
  • 六名嬰兒獲救,但有一名嬰兒在以 165 美元被拐賣後死亡。

  •   The sale of children is a major problem in China, where analysts say a strict one-child policy has helped create demand exploited by underground trafficking rings.
  • 在中國,拐賣兒童是一個嚴重問題;分析人士說,嚴格的一胎化政策造成的需求被販賣人口集團所利用。


  • (2014-01-14) ------

  • Despite Protests, Thailand's PM Says She Won't Resign
  • 面對曼谷大規模抗議 英拉總理拒不辭職
  •   Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra says she will not give in to opposition demands she resign, despite two days of large anti-government protests in Bangkok.
  • 泰國總理英拉表示不會在壓力下答應反對派的要求;泰國曼谷連續兩天發生大規模反政府抗議活動。

  •   Mrs. Shinawatra told reporters Tuesday she has a constitutional duty to stay on as prime minister, and that only cooperation and dialogue can resolve the country's months-long political deadlock.
  • 英拉星期二對記者說,她必須繼續擔任總理,這是她的憲法職責;她還說,只有通過合作對話才能解決持續了一個月的政治僵局。

  •   Thousands of opposition protesters filled Bangkok streets for a second day, waving flags and blowing whistles outside several government buildings in an attempt to disrupt official business.
  • 數千名反對派抗議者連續第二天聚集在曼谷街道,他們在政府辦公樓外揮舞旗幟,吹哨子,企圖迫使政府停止辦公。

  •   Their leader, ex-Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban, said he will keep up the protests, and even threatened to detain his rival if she does not step down soon.
  • 反對派領袖、前副總理素帖說,抗議活動會繼續下去,他甚至威脅說,如果英拉不很快下台,他們就要扣押她。

  •   The protests initially aimed to "shut down" the capital.
  • 抗議者的目的最初是讓首都陷於癱瘓狀態。

  •   But life continued as usual in most parts of the city Tuesday, though traffic was lighter than usual and protesters blocked several key intersections.
  • 但曼谷大部分城區星期二幾乎一切如常,只是交通不如平日繁忙;抗議者封鎖了幾個重要的交叉路口。

  •   Prime Minister Yingluck has dissolved parliament, called for early elections on February 2, and proposed the formation of a national reform council as a way to resolve the months-long political crisis.
  • 英拉總理已經解散了議會,宣佈在 2 月 2 日提前舉行選舉,並提議組成全國改革委員會,以解決這場持續數個月的政治危機。

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