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一月份 第 20 課

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  • (2014-01-31) ------

  • Kerry to Meet With Ukraine Opposition in Munich
  • 克卿將在慕尼黑會見烏克蘭反對派領袖
  •   U.S. officials say Secretary of State John Kerry will hold his first meeting with members of the Ukrainian opposition who have been leading anti-government protests in the country since November.
  • 美國官員說,克里國務卿即將跟烏克蘭反對派領導人舉行首次會談;去年 11月以來,他們一直領導烏克蘭反政府的抗議行動。

  •   Kerry, on a visit to Germany, will hold talks Saturday with opposition politician Arseny Yatsenyuk and former boxing champion-turned-activist Vitali Klitschko.
  • 正在德國訪問的克里將於星期六在慕尼黑會見反對派政治人物亞採紐克和曾經是拳擊冠軍的活動人士克利欽科。

  •   Meanwhile, Ukrainian protesters were expressing outrage after opposition activist Dmytro Bulatov, missing since January 22, was found outside Kyiv Thursday with cuts and bruises to his face.
  • 與此同時,烏克蘭抗議者星期五對反對派活動人士布勒托夫據稱被綁架後受傷表示憤怒;布勒托夫 1 月 22 日起失蹤,1 月 30 日晚間人們在基輔郊外找到他,當時他的臉上有割傷和擦傷。

  •   Bulatov says he was kidnapped by unknown abductors and held for days before being abandoned in a forest.
  • 布勒托夫說,他被不明身份的人綁架,被扣押了幾天,然後被丟棄在一片樹林裏。

  •   He says he made his way to a nearby village where he reached his friends by phone.
  • 他(布勒托夫) 說,他設法去到附近的一個村莊,通過電話跟他的朋友聯繫上。

  •   The United Nations human rights office has called on Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to investigate recent reports of deaths, kidnappings and torture during the nation's political unrest.
  • 最近有報導說,烏克蘭政治動亂期間發生了死亡、綁架和酷刑事件;聯合國人權官員要求烏克蘭總統亞努科維奇對上述報導的事件展開調查。

  •   President Yanukovych has issued a statement accusing opposition leaders of escalating the political crisis.
  • 烏克蘭總統亞努科維奇發表聲明,指責反對派領導人不斷升級這場政治危機。

  •   He said they are encouraging people to stand outside in freezing weather just to advance their political ambitions.
  • 他說,他們鼓動人們在寒冷的天氣裏站在外面,就是為了推動他們的政治野心。

  •   Mr. Yanukovych says the government has fulfilled its obligations to end the standoff, including a conditional amnesty for arrested protesters and replacing his prime minister.
  • 亞努科維奇說,為了結束對峙,政府已履行其義務,其中包括有條件赦免被逮捕的示威者和撤換他的總理。


  • (2014-01-31) ------

  • Study: Russian Men Dying Early From Heavy Vodka Use
  • 俄男子壽命短或與喝伏特加過量有關
  •   Researchers say Russian men who drink large amounts of vodka have an "extraordinarily" high risk of early death.
  • 研究人員說,喝大量伏特加酒的俄羅斯男子有提早死亡的 “超常” 高風險。

  •   A study published Thursday in The Lancet medical journal details the findings of scientists who tracked about 151,000 adults between the years of 1999 and 2010.
  • 週四在《柳葉刀》醫學期刊上發表的一項研究詳細介紹了科學家的發現;這些科學家在 1999 年和 2010 年之間跟蹤研究了大約 151,000 名成年人。

  •   Of the 8,000 people in the study who died during that time, many were found to be heavy drinkers of vodka.
  • 在這段時間內死亡的參加這項研究的 8000 人當中,有許多被確認是大量飲用伏特加的人。

  •   The researchers said they found excess vodka use among those dying of external causes, such as accident, suicide and violence.
  • 研究人員說,他們在那些死於諸如事故、自殺和暴力等外部原因的人當中發現伏特加酒的過量飲用。

  •   They say risk of death before age 55 among those who drank three or more half-liter bottles of vodka a week was 35 percent.
  • 他們說,55 歲之前的死亡的風險對於那些每週喝三瓶或更多瓶半公升裝的伏特加酒的人為 35 %。

  •   Experts say the overall average life expectancy for a Russian man is 64 years, which puts it among the nations with the lowest life expectancies in the world.
  • 專家說,俄羅斯男人的總體平均壽命為 64 歲,這使俄羅斯成為世界上平均壽命最短的國家之一。

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