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三月份 第 04 課

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  • (2008-03-06) ------

  • China Says Schedule for President's Trip to Japan not Finalized
  • 中國稱國家主席訪日行程未最後敲定
  •   China's Foreign Ministry says a groundbreaking trip by Chinese President Hu Jintao to Japan has not yet been finalized.
  • 中國外交部說,中國國家主席胡錦濤對日本進行開拓性的訪問還沒有最後確定。

  •   Speaking with reporters Thursday in Beijing, a ministry spokesman said the visit, the first by a Chinese president in a decade, is still under discussion.
  • 外交部發言人星期四在北京對記者說,這次訪問還在協商中,這將是中國國家主席 10 年來首次訪問日本。

  •   But, he also stressed China's commitment to improve relations between the two countries.
  • 但是他也強調中國致力於改善兩國之間的關係。

  •   Japanese officials have said that Mr. Hu would visit in April, but recent media reports in Japan have suggested the trip might be delayed until May because of an ongoing investigation into a food safety dispute.
  • 日本官員說過,胡錦濤將在 4 月訪日,但是日本媒體最近報導表示,胡錦濤的訪問可能延期到 5 月,因為對一樁食品安全糾紛的調查仍在進行中。

  •   Earlier this year, poisoned Chinese-made dumplings made 10 people sick in Japan, sparking a nationwide food scare.
  • 有毒的中國生產的餃子今年早些時候在日本導致 10 人生病,引發一場全國範圍的食品恐慌。

  •   Investigators say the dumplings were deliberately poisoned with pesticide, but it is unclear where the poisoning took place.
  • 調查人員說,餃子被人故意用殺蟲劑下了毒,但是還不清楚下毒是在哪裡發生的。


  • (2008-03-06) ------

  • China Dismisses U.S. Report About its Growing Military Power
  • 中國不接受美國有關中國軍力擴張報告
  •   China's official Communist Party newspaper says the United States is exaggerating Chinese military capabilities to justify arms sales to Taiwan.
  • 中國的共產黨黨報說,美國誇大中國的軍事能力,為對臺軍售製造理由。

  •   An editorial in the People's Daily newspaper Thursday denounced a U.S. military report released Monday.
  • 人民日報星期四的一篇社論譴責美國軍方星期一發佈的一份報告。

  •   That report said Beijing was developing space-based weapons, and had increased its ability to conduct cyberwarfare.
  • 報告說,北京在研製太空武器,而且提高了電腦網路作戰的能力。

  •   The Chinese editorial also slammed Washington for rejecting a joint Russian-Chinese initiative on an anti-space weapons treaty.
  • 人民日報社論還抨擊美國拒絕接受俄羅斯與中國有關限制太空武器條約的聯合倡議。

  •   China says it will increase defense spending in 2008 by more than 17 percent, for a total of more than 57-billion dollars.
  • 中國說,中國將 2008 年的國防預算增加 17 % 以上,總數達到 570 多億美元。

  •   U.S. Defense Secretary Gates says China's military spending is higher than the communist state has admitted.
  • 美國國防部長蓋茨說,中國的軍事開支比這個共產黨國家承認的數額還要高。


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