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三月份 第 07 課

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  • (2006-03-10) ------

  • Japan Proposes Minimum Dues for UN Security Council Members
  • 日本提議安理會成員繳費最低限額
  •   Japan has proposed that each permanent member of the United Nations Security Council pay a minimum percentage of the world body's budget.
  • 日本提議聯合國安理會常任理事國繳納的會費必須要達到聯合國預算之一定的百分比。

  •   The foreign ministry said today (Friday) that under two proposals submitted to the U.N. body, permanent members would be required to pay a minimum of three to five percent of the U.N. budget.
  • 日本外務省星期五表示,按照提交給聯合國安理會的兩項建議,常任理事國應繳的會費最少要達到聯合國預算的3%到5%。

  •   The plan would impact at least two U.N. Security Council members. China currently pays just over two percent, while Russia pays around one percent of the U.N. budget.
  • 這種方案將對至少兩個常任理事國造成影響。中國繳納的會費是2%多一點,而俄羅斯交的會費為1%左右。

  •   Two other members, Britain and France, contribute around six percent. The United States pays the highest U.N. dues, at 22 percent.
  • 另外兩個常任理事國,也就是英國和法國,各自繳納大約6%。美國出的聯合國會費最多,為22%。

  •   Japan, which is not a permanent Security Council member, contributes around 20 percent, second only to the U.S.
  • 日本不是安理會常任理事國,但是繳納的會費佔聯合國預算的20%左右,僅次於美國。

  •   Tokyo has become increasingly dissatisfied with its high dues, especially after it failed to gain support among Council members for a permanent council seat.
  • 東京對於自己支付的高額會費越來越不滿,特別是在日本的入常(申請進入安理會常任理事國)的努力未能爭取到安理會理事國足夠的支持之後。


  • (2006-03-10) ------

  • Dalai Lama Says He Wants to Visit China
  • 達賴喇嘛說他想訪問中國
  •   Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, says he wants to travel to China on a pilgrimage to visit Buddhist landmarks.
  • 西藏流亡精神領袖達賴喇嘛星期五說,他希望到中國去參拜佛教名勝。

  •   He also said that he was hoping to see for himself the changes that China has undergone in pursuing economic development.
  • 他還說,他希望親眼看一看中國在尋求經濟發展中所產生的變化。

  •   Last month, envoys for the Dalai Lama met with Chinese officials for talks about Tibetan autonomy.
  • 這是中國與達賴喇嘛的代表自從2002年9月以來的第五次會面。

  •   It was the fifth time that Chinese and Tibetan representatives have met since September 2002.
  • 上個月,達賴喇嘛的特使會晤了中國官員,商談西藏自治問題。


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