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七月份 第 05 課

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  • (2013-07-05)------

  • Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Calls Mass Protests Against "Coup"
  • 埃及穆斯林兄弟會號召週五大規模抗議 “政變”
  •   Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood called for mass protests Friday against the military-backed ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.
  • 埃及穆斯林兄弟會呼籲星期五舉行大規模抗議,反對軍方罷黜奉行伊斯蘭教義的穆爾西總統。

  •   The Brotherhood is part of an alliance of Islamist parties calling for peaceful protests to follow afternoon prayers across the country.
  • 一個伊斯蘭主義政黨聯盟呼籲全國各地民眾在做過祈禱後舉行和平抗議活動;穆斯林兄弟會是這個聯盟的成員。

  •   Until now, the atmosphere on the streets has been largely celebratory since Mr. Morsi was forced out by the military following large opposition protests.
  • 在埃及連續數日爆發反政府抗議後,軍方迫使穆爾西下台,此後埃及各地街道上的大部份民眾顯示出歡慶情緒。

  •   He was replaced by Adly Mansour, a top judge who was sworn in Thursday as interim president -- a move that was quickly rejected by the Brotherhood.
  • 穆爾西下台後,首席法官曼蘇爾星期四宣誓就任臨時總統;穆斯林兄弟會隨即表示拒絕接受。

  •   Islam Abdel-Rahman, who is on the the foreign affairs committee of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, tells VOA that his group will not take part in any military-led political process.
  • 穆斯林兄弟會的自由正義黨外交委員會成員伊斯蘭‧阿卜杜勒 - 拉赫曼對美國之音說,他所在組織將不會參與由軍方領導的政治進程。


  • (2013-07-05)------

  • Vatican OKs Sainthood for Pope John Paul II
  • 教廷將教宗約翰‧保羅二世封聖
  •   The Vatican says the late Pope John Paul the Second will be made a saint of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • 教廷說,已故教宗約翰‧保羅二世將被冊封為羅馬天主教聖人。

  •   Church officials announced on Friday that Pope Francis has approved sainthood for the Polish-born pontiff, who died eight years ago.
  • 天主教會官方星期五宣佈,教宗方濟已經批將 8 年前離世的波蘭裔教宗保羅聖人身份。

  •   The pope also decided to canonize Pope John the 23rd, who led the church during a five-year period of reorganization, until 1963.
  • 教宗還決定冊封教宗約翰二十三世為聖人,他在羅馬天主教會五年重組時期擔任教宗,直至 1963 年逝世。

  •   Pope John Paul was extremely popular during his 27-year papacy.
  • 教宗保羅二世在其擔任教宗的 27 年任內享有極高的聲望。

  •   A Vatican statement says his "love for young people brought him to establish World Youth Days."
  • 教廷的一份聲明說,“他對年輕人的愛推動他創立了世界青年節。”

  •   He is also credited for encouraging dialogue with representatives of other religions, including Jews.
  • 他還因鼓勵與包括猶太教在內的其他宗教代表對話而備受稱讚。

  •   Pope John Paul was succeeded by Pope Benedict, a German cleric who resigned earlier this year and was replaced by Pope Francis, who had been a cardinal in Argentina.
  • 教宗保羅二世的繼承人是德國裔教宗本篤,他今年早些時候辭職;繼任教宗方濟曾擔任阿根廷紅衣主教。

  •   The three popes were the first non-Italians elected to lead the world's Roman Catholics in hundreds of years.
  • 這三位教宗改變了數百年來羅馬天主教教宗均為義大利人的歷史。

  •   The Vatican paid tribute to the late Pope John the 23rd as "meek," "gentle, enterprising and courageous."
  • 教廷讚揚已故教宗約翰二十三世為 “和藹”、“溫柔、富於進取和勇敢精神。”

  •   During World War Two, he was instrumental in helping to get news from prisoners of war to their families.
  • 二戰期間,約翰二十三世幫助把戰俘的消息傳遞給他們的家人。

  •   There is no word yet on when they will be canonized, or consecrated as saints, but it has been reported the ceremonies could be scheduled before the end of this year.
  • 教廷沒有透露封聖典禮的時間;不過有報導說,典禮或在年底前舉行。

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