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七月份 第 07 課

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  • (2013-07-09)------

  • US, China Discuss Cyber Security as Dialogue Begins
  • 美中開始討論網路安全問題
  •   The United States and China discussed the sensitive topic of cyber security during the first of four days of talks aimed at expanding cooperation between the two world powers.
  • 在美中兩國就擴大合作的四天會議的第一天,兩國討論了敏感的網路安全話題。

  •   U.S. officials say they raised the issue of economic-related hacking during the Monday session in Washington.
  • 美國官員說,星期一在華盛頓舉行的會議上,他們提出了跟經濟有關的駭客入侵問題。

  •   They also said the two sides discussed international norms for cyber space.
  • 他們還說,雙方還討論了為網路空間制定國際準則問題。

  •   Washington and Beijing agreed in April to hold the working group on cyber security, which has threatened to become a major irritant in bilateral relations.
  • 華盛頓和北京在四月同意,工作小組就網路安全問題舉行對話,這個問題可能成為破壞雙邊關係的主要威脅。

  •   The Obama administration has accused China of involvement in a broad Internet hacking campaign to steal secrets from U.S. government institutions and businesses for economic gain.
  • 歐巴馬政府指責中國參與一項廣泛的網際網路入侵行動,行動的目的是竊取美國政府機構和企業的秘密,以獲得經濟利益。

  •   Officials hope to make progress before senior ministers of the two sides hold annual security and economic talks in the U.S. capital Wednesday and Thursday.
  • 官員們希望,在雙方部長星期三和星期四在華盛頓舉行安全與經濟對話之前,能夠取得進展。

  •   Yang Jiechi, a high-ranking Chinese official who is heading Beijing's delegation, says he hopes the dialogue can create more cooperation between the U.S. and China.
  • 中國代表團團長楊潔篪表示,他希望這次對話能為美中之間創造更多的合作。


  • (2013-07-09)------

  • Japan: China Trying to Change Regional Status Quo "By Force"
  • 日本:中國試圖用武力改變地區現狀
  •   Japan's annual defense paper says an increasingly bold China is attempting to change the regional status quo by force.
  • 日本年度防務白皮書說,越來越大膽放肆的中國正在企圖通過武力改變該地區的現狀。

  •   The paper adopted Tuesday is likely to be slammed by Beijing, which is involved in a territorial dispute with Japan in the East China Sea.
  • 星期二通過的這份白皮書很可能會受到北京的猛烈抨擊,中國跟日本捲入東海的領土爭端。

  •   China has sent regular patrol boats and aircraft near the disputed islands, in what as seen as an attempt to challenge Japan's control of them.
  • 中國向有爭議的島嶼附近定期派出巡邏船和飛機,這被視為企圖挑戰日本對這些島嶼的控制權。

  •   The report called such actions "dangerous" and "extremely regrettable," warning it could cause a "contingency" in the future.
  • 防務白皮書稱中國的這些做法是 “危險” 和 “非常遺憾” 的,並警告說這將導致未來的 “不測事態”。

  •   In particular, the paper criticized China for a January incident in which a Chinese navy boat locked its pre-firing radar on a Japanese destroyer.
  • 白皮書特別批評中國今年一月一艘中國海軍艦船將火控雷達鎖定一艘日本驅逐艦。

  •   China has denied the claim, calling it inaccurate and provocative.
  • 中國否認指控,稱日本的指控不準確和具有挑釁性。

  •   The white paper is the first released under the current government of hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has taken a firm stance on the island issue since coming to power in December.
  • 這是鷹派安倍晉三首相現政府發佈的第一份白皮書;安倍晉三去年 12 月上任以來,在島嶼主權爭端問題上採取堅定立場。

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