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七月份 第 10 課

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  • (2006-07-14)------

  • Bush Arrives in Russia for G8 Summit and Talks with Putin
  • 布希抵俄參加八國峰會將會晤普京
  •   President Bush is in St. Petersburg, Russia, for talks with President Vladimir Putin, ahead of the Group of Eight economic summit.
  • 布希總統抵達俄羅斯聖彼德堡,準備在參加八國集團首腦會談之前和俄羅斯總統普京會晤。

  •   President Bush and his wife Laura went straight to the monument honoring the World War Two defenders of Leningrad, the wartime name for St. Petersburg.
  • 布希總統和夫人勞拉抵達後直接前往紀念二戰期間列寧格勒保衛戰犧牲者的紀念碑.聖彼得堡在二戰期間名為列寧格勒。

  •   The president then went to the residence of the U.S. consul general in the city to meet with Russian human rights activists ahead of an evening dinner with President Putin.
  • 布希總統隨後前往美國駐聖彼得堡的總領事官邸,在參加普京舉行的晚宴之前會見俄羅斯人權活動人士。

  •   President Bush has said he will raise concerns about human rights, press freedom and democracy in Russia during the discussions but will not scold Mr. Putin.
  • 布希總統曾經表示,在和普京總統會談時,將提出對俄羅斯的人權、新聞自由和民主進程的關注,但是不會對普京提出指責。

  •   The two leaders also are expected to discuss the nuclear crises in Iran and North Korea, and the escalating fighting in the Middle East.
  • 預計這兩位領導人還將討論伊朗和北韓的核危機以及中東地區不斷升級的衝突。

  •   The summit of the world's seven leading industrial countries plus Russia gets under way in St. Petersburg Saturday.
  • 世界上7個主要工業化國家和俄羅斯的領導人星期六在聖彼得堡舉行高峰會議。


  • (2006-07-14)------

  • Lebanon says US to Press Israel to Limit Attacks
  • 黎巴嫩稱美將促以減少攻擊損失
  •   Lebanon says the United States has promised that it will urge Israel to avoid civilian casualties and damage as it increases attacks on its neighbor.
  • 黎巴嫩說,美國承諾將敦促以色列在加大對其鄰國攻擊時儘量避免平民傷亡和損失。

  •   A statement Friday from the Prime Minister's office said President Bush telephoned the Lebanese leader to assure him that the United States will press Israel to limit damages.
  • 黎巴嫩總理辦公室星期五發表一份聲明說,美國總統布希通過電話對黎巴嫩領導人保證,美國將施加壓力要以色列盡力減少傷亡和損失。

  •   The White House confirmed the call but would not provide details of their discussion.
  • 白宮確認了這一電話對話,但是不提供電話談話的細節。

  •   The United Nations Security Council is to hold an urgent meeting at the request of Lebanon Friday on the escalating crisis in the Middle East.
  • 聯合國安理會在黎巴嫩的請求下星期五召開緊急會議,討論中東地區日益升級的危機。


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