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七月份 第 10 課

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  • (2008-07-14)------

  • China Detains 100 in Connection with Riot
  • 中國拘捕與騷亂有關的 100 人
  •   Police in southwest China say they have arrested 100 people, including 39 gang members, for their involvement in a major riot last month.
  • 中國西南地區警方表示,他們逮捕了 100 名捲入上個月的一起嚴重騷亂的人,其中包括 39 名幫派分子。

  •   A protest on June 28th involving 30 thousand people left government buildings and cars burned in Weng'an, in Guizhou province.
  • 貴州省甕安縣 6 月 28 號發生一次有 3 萬人參與的抗議活動,導致政府大樓與車輛被燒毀。

  •   Crowds stormed police and government headquarters after allegations spread that police had covered up the rape and murder of a local teenage girl, allegedly by the son of a local official.
  • 在當地傳出警方掩蓋一名少女被據稱是一位當地官員兒子姦殺的指控之後,抗議人群衝入警察局和政府大樓。

  •   Local officials have said that frustration with high crime rates and shoddy police work contributed to the unrest.
  • 當地官員表示,對高犯罪率的無奈以及警察的不當工作導致了這次騷亂。

  •   They also said local authorities often failed to properly deal with residents complaints about mining operations, demolition of homes for city building, and other issues.
  • 官員們還說,當地政府對民眾有關採礦作業、住房被拆等問題的各種抱怨經常沒能正確地處理。


  • (2008-07-14)------

  • US Investors React Favorably to Efforts to Help Mortgage Giants
  • 美國投資者對救助房貸巨頭努力反應積極
  •   Investors have welcomed moves by the United States government to shore up two of the nation's biggest mortgage lenders. U.S.
  • 投資者歡迎美國政府鞏固美國兩家最大房屋貸款公司的舉措。

  •   Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced a series of proposals Sunday to bolster Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which own or guarantee almost half of all U.S. home loans -- worth more than five-trillion dollars.
  • 星期天,美國財政部長保爾森宣佈了支援「房地美」和「房利美」的一系列建議;這兩家公司擁有和保障將近一半美國全部房屋的貸款,總額超過 5 萬億美元。

  •   The government-sponsored lenders have lost billions of dollars during the recent wave of mortgage defaults.
  • 在最近的房屋貸款危機中,這兩家受政府支援的貸款公司蒙受數以十億美元計的損失。

  •   Some economists say if just one of the companies fails, the result could be catastrophic for the global economy.
  • 一些經濟學家說,如果這兩家公司中的一家破產,對全球經濟產生的後果可能是災難性。

  •   Much of their debt is owned by foreign governments or international investors.
  • 這兩家公司相當大一部分的債權是在外國政府或是國際投資者手中。

  •   U.S. lawmakers have also voiced support for the moves. U.S.
  • 美國國會議員對政府的舉措表示支援。

  •   Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd says the government appears to be taking the right steps.
  • 美國國會參議院金融委員會主席多德說,政府看來在採取正確的措施。


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