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七月份 第 15 課

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  • (2013-07-19)------

  • Major US City, Detroit, Files for Bankruptcy
  • 美國大城市底特律提出破產申請
  •   One of the largest U.S. cities, Detroit, has filed for bankruptcy, a move that gives it court protection from creditors.
  • 美國大城市底特律提出破產申請,以使這座無力償付債務的城市獲得法院的保護。

  •   A fiscal manager hired by the state of Michigan, where Detroit is located, made the filing Thursday in federal bankruptcy court.
  • 星期四,底特律所在的密西根州雇用的一名財政經理向聯邦破產法院提交了破產申請。

  •   That filing made Detroit the largest city in U.S. history to declare bankruptcy. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder needs to sign off on the decision.
  • 這一申請使底特律成為美國有史以來宣佈破產的最大城市;有關決定需要密歇根州州長斯奈德簽字認可。

  •   Detroit has been struggling with a budget deficit of more than $300 million and long-term debt of nearly $14 billion.
  • 底特律面臨超過 3 億美元的預算赤字,長期債務將近 140 億美元。


  • (2013-07-19)------

  • Russian Opposition Leader Freed
  • 俄羅斯反對派領袖獲釋
  •   A Russian court released opposition leader Alexei Navalny on Friday, pending the appeal against his five-year sentence on embezzlement charges.
  • 一家俄羅斯法院星期五釋放了俄羅斯反對派領導人阿利克塞‧納瓦爾尼,他對自己因侵吞公款罪名被判 5 年監禁提出上訴。

  •   The court ruled that keeping Navalny in custody would deprive him of his right to run in Moscow's mayoral race on September 8.
  • 這家法院裁定,拘留納瓦爾尼會剝奪他 9 月 8 日競選莫斯科市長的權利。

  •   Navalny was convicted Thursday of embezzling $500,000 worth of timber from a state-owned company, while working as an adviser to a provincial governor in 2009. He was immediately detained following the verdict.
  • 納瓦爾尼星期四被裁定 2009 年在擔任州長顧問期間,佔有了一家國營公司價值 50 萬美元的木材;宣判之後,納瓦爾尼被立即收押。

  •   Thousands of people in several Russian cities demonstrated against the conviction.
  • 在俄羅斯幾座城市,數千人舉行示威,反對這項判決。

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