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七月份 第 17 課

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  • (2013-07-23)------

  • Britain Awaits First Look at New Prince
  • 英國民眾期待第一眼看到王室小王子
  •   Crowds of well-wishers gathered outside a London hospital Tuesday, hoping to catch the first glimpse of the newest heir to the British throne.
  • 星期二,英國民眾聚集在倫敦一家醫院外面,希望有機會第一眼看到剛剛出生的英國王室繼承人。

  •   Prince William and his wife Kate are expected to soon leave the facility, giving the public its first look at the royal baby, whose name has not yet been announced.
  • 威廉王子和他的妻子凱特預計不久將離開這家醫院,讓他們的嬰兒初次向公眾露面;這位小王子的名字還沒有宣佈。

  •   Impromptu celebrations were held Monday following the news of the birth. Kensington Palace says both Kate and her mother are "doing well."
  • 星期一小王子誕生的消息傳出後,人們舉行了即興慶祝活動;王室住所肯辛頓宮表示,凱特和孩子母子平安。

  •   Prince William said in a brief statement, "we could not be happier."
  • 威廉王子在簡短聲明中說:“我們真是高興極了”。

  •   The celebrations will continue Tuesday, with ceremonial royal artillery gun salutes expected to sound across London in honor of the birth.
  • 星期二,慶祝活動將繼續進行,預計皇家禮炮聲將響徹倫敦,慶祝小王子的誕生。


  • (2013-07-23)------

  • Pope Francis Embraced on Arrival in Brazil
  • 教宗方濟各抵巴西受到熱烈歡迎
  •   Tens of thousands of cheering faithful greeted Pope Francis Monday on his arrival in Brazil, mobbing a motorcade carrying the pontiff into central Rio de Janeiro at the start of a weeklong visit.
  • 教宗方濟各星期一抵達巴西,受到數萬信眾的歡呼致意;在教宗車隊開進里約熱內盧市中心的沿途,人們蜂擁而至;教宗開始對巴西進行為期一週的訪問。

  •   Video showed security officers struggling at several points to push back the joyous crowds, while the pope rolled down the window of his car to touch those who reached inside.
  • 錄影畫面顯示,安全官員在幾處地點奮力將興高采烈的民眾往後推;教宗則搖下車窗,觸摸那些把手伸進車窗的人們。

  •   One woman handed the 76-year-old pope an infant, whom he kissed before handing back.
  • 一名婦女遞給 76 歲的教宗一名嬰兒,教宗親吻了嬰孩之後,把孩子送還。

  •   Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and a host of dignitaries met the Argentine-born Francis -- the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio -- as he stepped off a commercial airliner to begin his visit.
  • 教宗方濟各走出一架商業班機,開始對巴西的訪問時,巴西總統羅塞夫和眾多名流政要在機場迎接了這位阿根廷出生的前主教。

  •   Later, anti-government protesters clashed with police outside the palace holding the official papal welcoming ceremony.
  • 後來,反政府示威者與舉行歡迎教宗儀式的瓜納巴拉宮外面的警察發生衝突。

  •   Reports from the scene said crowd anger appeared directed at Brazilian leaders, not at the pontiff.
  • 來自現場的報導說,看來人們的憤怒情緒是針對巴西領導人,而並非針對教宗。

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