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八月份 第 01 課

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  • (2013-08-01)------

  • Japan's Deputy PM Retracts Controversial Nazi Comment
  • 日本副首相收回有關向納粹學習的評論
  •   Japan's deputy prime minister has retracted controversial remarks in which he suggested Tokyo could learn a lesson from Nazi Germany in amending the Asian country's pacifist constitution.
  • 日本副首相麻生太郎收回了引發爭論的評論,即東京在修正和平憲法問題上可以向納粹德國學習。

  •   Tara Aso said Thursday it is "regrettable" his remarks "led to a misunderstanding," assuring reporters that he holds an "extremely negative view" of the Nazi government.
  • 麻生太郎星期四說,他對這番評論引起誤解而感到遺憾,並向記者保證,他對納粹政府持有 “極其負面的看法”。

  •   Aso, who is also finance minister, said during a Monday speech Japan could "learn from the tactics" of the Nazis, whom he said were able to change the German constitution "before anyone knew."
  • 兼任財務大臣的麻生太郎星期一發表演講時說,日本可以向納粹學習一些策略;他表示,納粹在別人覺察之前修正了德國憲法。

  •   The comment was widely criticized by Japan's neighbors and some human rights groups.
  • 麻生太郎的這番評論受到日本鄰國以及一些人權組織的廣泛批評。


  • (2013-08-01)------

  • Partial Results Expected Thursday in Zimbabwe Election
  • 預計辛巴威週四公佈部份選舉結果
  •   Zimbabwean election officials say they expect to announce partial results Thursday from an election they are calling "free and fair."
  • 辛巴威選舉事務官員說,預計星期四將公佈部份選舉結果;他們表示,這次選舉是 “自由和公正” 的。

  •   Both President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai have expressed confidence they will win Wednesday's presidential vote.
  • 穆加貝總統和茨萬吉拉伊總理都表示有信心贏得星期三的總統選舉。

  •   Mr. Tsvangirai's MDC party has accused Mr. Mugabe of rigging the vote, which the president denies.
  • 茨萬吉拉伊的民主變革聯盟指責穆加貝操縱選舉,而穆加貝對此予以否認。

  •   Rita Makarau, chairwoman of the Zimbabwe Election Commission, says votes are being counted and she believes the election was fair.
  • 辛巴威選舉委員會主席馬卡勞說,目前正在清點選票,她相信選舉是公正的。

  •   The election authority has until next Monday to release full results.
  • 選舉當局定於下星期一公佈全部選舉結果。

  •   Police in Zimbabwe have warned they will arrest anyone who gives unofficial vote tallies.
  • 辛巴威警方警告說,將逮捕任何發佈非官方選票點算結果的人。

  •   In the past, vote monitoring groups in Zimbabwe have issued independent tallies based on results from polling stations after preliminary counts.
  • 過去,在辛巴威的選舉監督團體曾根據投票站初步點算來公佈獨立計票結果。

  •   But late Wednesday, police vowed a crackdown that extends to the online publication of any results issued before the country's electoral commission does so.
  • 但星期三晚間,辛巴威警方誓言鎮壓在本國選舉委員會公佈選舉結果之前在網上發表選舉結果的人。

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