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八月份 第 02 課

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  • (2007-08-02)------

  • Scientists Say Asian Pollution Accelerates Melting of Himalayan Glaciers
  • 科學家說亞洲污染加速喜馬拉雅冰川融化
  •   U.S. scientists say clouds of man-made haze that blanket South and East Asia are accelerating the melting of Himalayan glaciers.
  • 美國科學家表示,籠罩南亞和東亞地區的人造煙霧正在加速喜馬拉雅冰川的融化。

  •   A scientific team in California used unmanned aircraft to measure heat in the atmosphere above the Indian Ocean, a part of Asia often blanketed by brown clouds of man-made pollution.
  • 在加利福尼亞州的一支科學考察隊利用無人駕駛的航空器來測量印度洋上空大氣層中的熱度.亞洲的這一部分常常被人為污染所形成的褐色雲層所籠罩。

  •   Such clouds of particles trap sunlight and cool the earth below.
  • 這些由顆粒構成的雲層遮住陽光,促使下面的大地冷卻。

  •   However, the scientists found that the clouds also increase the heat of the surrounding air and have contributed about half of the temperature rise blamed for the glaciers' melting.
  • 但是,科學家們發現,這些雲層同時增高了周圍空氣的熱度.而導致冰川融化的氣溫升高,有一半是這麼造成的。

  •   Experts say the loss of the Himalayan glaciers, which feed rivers, could cause water shortages for millions of Asians.
  • 專家們表示,失去做為河流之源的喜馬拉雅冰川,可能給數百萬亞洲居民造成水源短缺。

  •   In May, an environmental group said temperatures at Mount Everest were rising at triple the world's average.
  • 今年五月,一個環保組織說,珠穆朗瑪峰氣溫目前上升的速度是世界平均速度的三倍。

  •   Some scientists say the Himalayas' glaciers could disappear by 2035.
  • 一些科學家認為,喜馬拉雅冰川可能最遲在 2035 年消失。


  • (2007-08-02)------

  • China Jails 31 More People in Brick Kiln Scandal
  • 中國因磚窯醜聞又監禁 31 人
  •   Chinese state media say 31 more people have been jailed for their roles in a slave labor scandal involving brick kilns in the country's north.
  • 中國的國營媒體說,又有 31 人因為他們在中國北部地區發生的黑磚窯奴工事件中的角色而被監禁。

  •   The Xinhua news agency reports today (Thursday) that local courts in Shanxi province sentenced the defendants this week to prison terms between 18 months and five years.
  • 新華社星期四報導,山西省的地方法庭這個星期判處這些被告 18 個月到 5 年的監禁。

  •   Four government officials were sentenced to two to three years in prison for abuse of power and dereliction of duty.
  • 四名政府官員因濫用職權和玩忽職守被判處兩到三年的監禁。

  •   They include two employees of the local industrial and commercial department, a policeman and a social security worker.
  • 其中包括兩名當地工商部門的僱員、一名警察和一名社保工作者。

  •   They have been linked to a scandal in which hundreds of children, teenagers and rural villagers - some mentally disabled - were forced to work in scorching brick kilns without pay.
  • 他們涉及的醜聞是,數百名兒童、十幾歲的青少年和村民,包括一些弱智者,被迫在這些黑磚窯中無償做苦力。

  •   The workers were frequently beaten and were forced to live in prison-like conditions.
  • 工人們經常挨打挨餓,被迫在監牢般的環境中生活。


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