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八月份 第 03 課

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  • (2006-08-02)------

  • At Least 40 Killed in Fighting in Sri Lanka
  • 斯里蘭卡至少四十人死於衝突
  •   Sri Lankan officials say government forces have killed at least 40 Tamil Tigers and wounded 70 others during a rebel attack on strategic areas in the country's northeast.
  • 斯里蘭卡官員說,在反政府武裝對東北地區戰略要地發動的襲擊中,政府軍打死至少40名泰米爾猛虎遊擊隊員,打傷70人。

  •   Military officials say five government troops were also killed in the fighting early Wednesday.
  • 軍方官員說,在星期三早上的戰鬥中,五名政府軍士兵陣亡。

  •   The rebels say they overran four military outposts, but authorities in Colombo say the rebels have made no territorial gains.
  • 反政府武裝聲稱攻佔了四個軍事哨所,但科倫坡當局說,反政府武裝並未佔領任何地方。

  •   Rebels also fired mortar shells into a civilian area in Muttur near Trincomalee, killing at least two civilians. It was the eighth straight day of fighting.
  • 反政府武裝還向亭可馬利的一個平民區發射迫擊炮彈,造成至少兩名平民死亡.雙方的戰鬥已經持續進行了八天。

  •   Norwegian Development Minister Erik Solheim, urged the warring parties to immediately stop all hostilities. He said the situation was the most serious it had been since the ceasefire in 2002.
  • 挪威發展部長索爾海姆敦促交戰各方立即停止一切敵對行動.他說,自從2002年停火以來,目前的局勢是最嚴重的。


  • (2006-08-02)------

  • NATO, Afghan Forces Kill 18 Taleban Rebels
  • 北約及阿富汗部隊打死十八名塔利班人員
  •   Police in Afghanistan say Afghan and NATO forces killed 18 Taleban rebels in fighting in the country's volatile southern region. One police officer also died.
  • 阿富汗警方說,阿富汗和北約部隊在動蕩的南部地區的衝突中,打死了18名塔利班反政府武裝人員,一名警官在戰鬥中陣亡。

  •   The battle took place Tuesday near the village of Garmser in Helmand province.
  • 戰鬥星期二發生在赫爾曼德省一個叫加姆塞爾的村莊附近。

  •   Also on Tuesday, insurgents ambushed a NATO patrol in the same province and killed three British soldiers.
  • 也是在星期二,反叛分子在這個省伏擊了北約的一個巡邏隊,打死了三名英國士兵。

  •   NATO this week took over security operations from U.S.-led coalition forces in six southern Afghan provinces.
  • 北約這個星期從美國領導的聯軍手中剛剛接管了阿富汗南部六個省的安全防務。

  •   A car exploded Wednesday just outside Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, killing one person in the vehicle and wounded at least two others.
  • 一輛汽車星期三在阿富汗首都喀布爾城外爆炸,炸死車內的一個人,同時有至少兩人受傷。

  •   Police initially did not call the explosion a suicide attack. At least one of the wounded people was in the vehicle.
  • 警方起初沒有稱之為自殺炸彈襲擊.傷者中至少有一人在爆炸的時候坐在車上。


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