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八月份 第 03 課

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  • (2007-08-03)------

  • China Requires Tibet's 'Living Buddhas' to Apply for Reincarnation
  • 中國要求西藏活佛申請才能轉世
  •   China has announced new measures that make it illegal for Tibetan Buddhism's "Living Buddhas" to be reincarnated without permission from the government.
  • 中國宣佈新條例,規定藏傳佛教認定未經政府批准的「活佛」轉世屬於非法行為。

  •   Chinese officials said today (Friday) the new regulations will take effect September first, and are meant to manage the reincarnation of living Buddhas.
  • 中國官員星期五說,新條例九月一號生效,目的是對活佛轉世加以控管。

  •   Living Buddhas are spiritually advanced monks and an important element in Tibetan Buddhism.
  • 活佛是一種藏傳佛教裡的高僧,是藏傳佛教的重要部份。

  •   Reincarnation is the belief that people are reborn into a new body following death.
  • 轉世就是相信人在死後會以一個新的形體獲得新生的信念。

  •   Tibetan Buddhism's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, and thousands of his followers fled to India from Tibet in 1959 during a failed revolt against Chinese rule.
  • 1959 年,藏傳佛教的精神領袖達賴喇嘛和他的數千名追隨者在反對漢人統治起事失敗後逃亡到印度。

  •   He has been struggling for Tibetan autonomy since then.
  • 從那以後,他一直為爭取西藏的自治而抗爭。

  •   Beijing accuses him of separatism, and demands that he give up what it says are aspirations for independence.
  • 北京指責達賴喇嘛從事分裂主義活動,並要求達賴喇嘛放棄所謂「追求獨立」的立場。


  • (2007-08-03)------

  • North Korea Agrees to High-level Talks with South Korea
  • 北韓同意與韓國舉行高層會談
  •   South Korea's Unification Ministry says North Korea has agreed to hold another round of high-level talks with Seoul in mid-September.
  • 韓國統一部說,北韓同意在九月中旬與韓國舉行新一輪高層會談。

  •   The ministry said today (Friday) that a specific date for the talks, to be held in Pyongyang, has not yet been set.
  • 統一部星期五說,會談將在平壤舉行,具體日期還有待確定。

  •   At the last round of inter-Korean ministerial talks in early June, Seoul refused to resume food aid to the North until Pyongyang made progress on shutting down its nuclear program.
  • 在六月初舉行的南北韓上一輪會談中,首爾方面拒絕恢復對北韓的援助,除非北韓在關閉核項目問題上取得進展。

  •   South Korea has since restarted food aid to the North following confirmation by international nuclear inspectors that Pyongyang shut down its main nuclear reactor.
  • 後來,在國際原子能核查人員確信平壤關閉了主要核設施後,韓國恢復了對北韓的食品援助。

  •   North and South Korea are still technically at war because their 1950s conflict ended only in a truce.
  • 從理論上說,韓國和北韓還處於戰爭狀態,因為 1950 年代的韓戰只是以停火協議告終。


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