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八月份 第 03 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2008-08-05)------

  • Olympic Torch Review
  • 評估奧運火炬傳遞
  •   The International Olympic Committee has announced it will review its procedures for the Olympic torch relay after a series of protests marred the Beijing flame's worldwide journey.
  • 國際奧會宣佈,將評估奧運火炬傳遞的程序,此前,北京奧運火炬在全球的傳遞受到一系列抗議活動的干擾。

  •   IOC president Jacques Rogge said Tuesday the tradition of lighting the Olympic flame in Ancient Olympia and starting the torch relay in Greece will continue.
  • 奧會主席羅格星期二說,在希臘古奧林匹亞點燃奧運火炬以及開始奧運火炬傳遞的傳統將繼續下去。

  •   But he said the IOC's executive board could limit future torch relays to within the borders of the Olympic host nation.
  • 不過,他說,奧會執委會未來可能會將奧運火炬傳遞限制在奧運會主辦國境內。

  •   Angry and sometimes violent protests of China's human rights record took place as the flame traveled through San Francisco, London and Paris.
  • 在奧運火炬傳遞經過舊金山、倫敦和巴黎時發生了針對中國人權的憤怒、有時有暴力的抗議。

  •   In his opening speech at the three-day IOC session on the eve of the Beijing Games, Rogge said that his organization respect protests and freedom of expression, but violence is against the Olympic spirit.
  • 在北京奧運會開幕前夕,羅格在為期三天的奧會會議上致開幕辭時說,國際奧會尊重抗議和言論自由,但是,暴力違反奧林匹克精神。


  • (2008-08-05)------

  • China Guarantees Security at Olympic Games
  • 中國確保奧運會治安
  •   Chinese authorities are assuring athletes and spectators arriving for the Beijing Olympic Games that they will be safe from terrorists.
  • 中國當局向到北京參加奧運會的運動員和觀眾們保證他們不會受到恐怖份子的襲擊。

  •   Organizing committee spokesman Sun Weide told reporters today (Tuesday) that China could guarantee a safe and peaceful Olympics.
  • 奧運會組委會的發言人孫偉德今天 (星期二) 對記者表示,中國能夠保證奧運會安全、和平地進行。

  •   A deadly attack in China's far western Xinjiang region on Monday killed 16 police officers and wounded 16 others.
  • 中國西部邊遠的新疆地區星期一發生致命性的襲擊事件,導致 16 名警察喪生,還有 16 人受傷。

  •   Authorities ramped up security across the mostly-Muslim region, but especially in the town of Kashgar, the scene of the assault.
  • 有關當局在這個多數人口是回教徒的地區加強了保安,特別是在發生襲擊事件的喀什市區。

  •   Police went on full alert at government office buildings, schools and hospitals.
  • 警察在政府辦公大樓、學校和醫院附近戒備森嚴。

  •   Chinese state media say two men from a mainly Muslim ethnic group were responsible for the attack -- four days ahead the opening of the Beijing Olympics.
  • 中國官方媒體報導說,兩名來自以回教徒為主的少數民族的男子對襲擊事件負責。襲擊事件發生在距奧運會開幕還有四天的時候。


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