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八月份 第 04 課

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  • (2006-08-03)------

  • Japan's Koizumi Defends Visits to Yasukuni War Shrine
  • 日本小泉為參拜靖國神社辯護
  •   Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has defended his visits to a controversial Tokyo war shrine, amid media speculation he could make a final pilgrimage this month before leaving office.
  • 日本首相小泉純一郎為自己參拜備受爭議的靖國神社提出辯護.同時,媒體猜測小泉首相在卸任前,可能這個月會最後一次參拜靖國神社。

  •   Mr. Koizumi wrote in his weekly e-mail magazine today (Thursday) that he visits the Yasukuni shrine not to glorify war, but to pay his respects to Japanese who sacrificed their lives for their country. Among other war dead the shrine honors convicted war criminals.
  • 小泉先生星期四在自己的每週電郵雜誌中說,自己去靖國神社參拜不是為美化戰爭,而是對為國家犧牲生命的日本人表達敬意.靖國神社供奉的戰爭亡靈中也有戰爭罪犯。

  •   The prime minister has visited the Yasukuni shrine five times since becoming taking office in 2001, drawing strong protests from Japan's Asian neighbors.
  • 日本首相小泉純一郎2001年就任後,曾5次參拜靖國神社,引起日本亞洲鄰國的強烈抗議。

  •   Mr. Koizumi says he will step down in September, and Japanese media say he may visit Yasukuni again on August 15th, the anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War Two.
  • 小泉純一郎表示,他將在9月卸任.日本媒體說,小泉也許會在8月15號再度參拜靖國神社.8月15號是日本在第二次世界大戰中投降的週年紀念日。


  • (2006-08-03)------

  • Survey Says 25% of Recent Chinese Brides Dissatisfied
  • 調查稱 25% 中國新婚女性不滿意
  •   The China Daily says a survey of recently married women in China finds one in four is dissatisfied with her choice.
  • 《中國日報》報導說,對新婚不久的中國女性所做的調查發現,4人中就1人不滿意自己的選擇。

  •   The report says 25 percent of brides married within the past three years say they would choose a different husband if they could, or remain single.
  • 報導說,過去3年內結婚的女性中,有25%的人說,如果可能的話,會選擇不同的丈夫或者保持單身。

  •   The China Daily says the Horizon Research Consultancy Group conducted the survey of about one-thousand women on behalf of an Internet dating site.
  • 《中國日報》說,零點研究諮詢集團為一個網際網路的約會網站,對大約1000名女性進行了這項調查。

  •   It says statistics for unhappy husbands are about the same, but it did not quote percentages.
  • 調查說,不快樂丈夫的數據大致相同,但是沒有援引百分比。

  •   The newspaper includes analysis by a professor (Yue Guoan) from Nankai University who suggests that Chinese feel freer to express their true feelings in today's more open society, and that could lead to increased marital friction.
  • 《中國日報》援引一位南開大學教授的分析說,在今天更加開放的社會中,中國人感到可以更自由地表達他們的真實情感,婚姻摩擦可能會因此增多。


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