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八月份 第 04 課

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  • (2007-08-06)------

  • One Million Vehicles off Road Test on Hold
  • 北京推遲限百萬汽車上路預演
  •   Beijing Olympic officials say the plan to keep one million vehicles off the Chinese capital's roads during Olympic test events this month has been put on hold.
  • 北京奧組委官員說,原定於本月舉行的減少 100 萬輛汽車在北京上街的奧運限行預演計劃已經被推遲。

  •   Concerned about Beijing's notoriously poor air quality, the International Olympic Committee announced last month that organizers would ban one million vehicles from the streets this month.
  • 由於關注北京臭名昭張的惡劣空氣質量,國際奧委會曾經在上個月宣佈,北京奧組委將於本月份禁止 100 萬輛汽車上路。

  •   But Beijing organizing committee executive vice president Wang Wei said today (Monday) the vehicle ban is still being discussed. He refused to answer any additional questions.
  • 北京奧組委執行副主席王偉星期一說,他們仍然在討論車輛限行計劃.他拒絕回答任何進一步的問題。

  •   The ban had been scheduled to coincide with 11 Olympic test events being held in August and Beijing's celebration of the one-year countdown to the Games, which begin August eighth, 2008.
  • 北京奧運交通限行預演的時間原訂跟 11 個奧運試演活動同時舉行,同時也正值北京舉行奧運會一年倒數計時慶祝活動. 2008 年北京奧運會將於 8 月 8 日開幕。


  • (2007-08-06)------

  • Bush Signs Anti-Terror Wiretapping Bill
  • 布希簽署反恐監聽法案
  •   President Bush has signed into law a bill that gives the U.S. government more power to eavesdrop on suspected foreign terrorists.
  • 美國總統布希簽署一項法案,讓美國政府有更多的權力對外國恐怖嫌疑分子進行監聽。

  •   The legislation lifts a previous requirement that such surveillance could not begin without advance permission from a court.
  • 這項法案取消了過去一項必須事先徵得法庭許可才能開始監聽的規定。

  •   Mr. Bush says (in a statement Sunday that) this change will give U.S. agents "dynamic and flexible" tools for counter-terrorism work.
  • 布希說,這個變化讓美國特工擁有「有力和靈活的工具」來從事打擊恐怖主義工作。

  •   The new law (called the Protect America Act) allows the U.S. National Security Agency to intercept telephone conversations, e-mail and other communications between foreigners that are routed through American equipment.
  • 這項新的法律允許美國國家安全局截獲外國人通過美國設備進行的電話交談、電子郵件和其它通訊內容。

  •   Should a U.S. resident become a target of such an investigation, court approval still will be required.
  • 如果美國居民成為此類調查的對象,則仍然要徵得法庭批准。

  •   Mr. Bush says this will protect Americans' civil liberties while also aiding those trying to gather information about the intentions of the United States' enemies.
  • 布希說,這項立法會保護美國人的公民自由,同時有助於搜集有關對美國有敵意情報。


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