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八月份 第 05 課

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  • (2006-08-04)------

  • UN Israel - Hezbollah Resolution Within Days
  • 聯合國以色列-真主黨決議幾天內達成
  •   U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she believes the U.N. Security Council could agree on a resolution to end the Israel - Hezbollah fighting within days.
  • 美國國務卿萊斯說,她相信聯合國安理會可以在幾天內就一項結束以色列和真主黨衝突的決議達成協議。

  •   Rice said U.S. and French officials have been working to put in place an enduring ceasefire and peace. Differences between the United States and France have slowed progress on a resolution.
  • 萊斯說,美國和法國官員一直在為實現持久停火與和平努力.美國和法國的分歧延緩了就決議案取得進展。

  •   France insists a ceasefire should precede any deployment of an international force, while the United States wants peacekeeping troops in place first.
  • 法國堅持在部署任何國際部隊前應當實現停火,而美國則希望先部署維和部隊。

  •   Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tony Blair is delaying his vacation so he can work on the resolution. His spokesman says Mr. Blair believes the next few days will be critical.
  • 同時,英國首相布萊爾推遲休假以便努力達成決議案.他的發言人說,布萊爾認為未來幾天將十分關鍵。

  •   In other developments, Malaysia's defense official says his country plans to send one thousand peacekeepers to Lebanon as soon as a ceasefire is declared.
  • 另外,馬來西亞國防部官員星期五表示,一旦宣佈停火,他的國家計劃馬上向黎巴嫩派遣一支1000人的維和部隊。


  • (2006-08-04)------

  • US Senate Rejects Bill to Raise Minimum Wage, Cut Estate Taxes
  • 美國參議院否決提高最低工資、減少遺產稅議案
  •   The U.S. Senate has rejected a Republican-sponsored bill that would have raised the U.S. minimum wage and cut inheritance taxes on multi-million dollar estates.
  • 美國參議院否決了一項由共和黨提出的提高最低工資與減少數百萬不動產遺產稅的議案

  •   The measure needed 60 votes for final congressional approval, but fell four votes short, with 56 senators voting in favor of the bill and 42 against.
  • 這項議案需要60票才能獲得國會批准,但是少了4票,56名參議員投票贊成議案,42名參議員反對。

  •   The bill would have increased the hourly minimum wage for U.S. workers from five dollars, 15 cents an hour to seven dollars, 27 cents over the next three years.
  • 這一議案擬將在今後3年裏,把美國工人的最低工資從每小時5美元15美分提高到7美元27美分。

  •   Opposition Democrats have been calling for an increase in the minimum wage, which has not been raised since 1997. But many of them denounced the bill as a ploy to achieve a cut in the estate tax, which is a major goal for conservative Republicans.
  • 反對派民主黨一直呼籲提高1997年以來一直沒有提高的最低工資.不過,很多民主黨人譴責議案是為實現保守派共和黨人的一個主要目標 - 削減遺產稅而使用的花招。

  •   Republicans say the estate tax - which they have dubbed the "death tax" - makes it impossible for many Americans to pass on their family-owned businesses or farms to their children.
  • 共和黨人說,遺產稅,也就是他們所稱的“死亡稅”,使得許多美國人無法將家庭買賣或農場傳給孩子。


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