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八月份 第 05 課

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  • (2007-08-07)------

  • China Detains 6 For Tibet Protest at Great Wall
  • 中國拘押六名在長城上抗議的西藏活動人士
  •   A Tibetan rights group says Chinese police have detained six protesters who unfurled a banner on the Great Wall calling for a free Tibet.
  • 一個西藏權益團體說,中國警方拘捕了 6 名在長城上打開呼籲建立自由西藏標語的抗議者。

  •   The Free Tibet Campaign said the banner read "One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 2008."
  • 自由西藏運動說,橫幅上寫著「同一個世界,同一個夢想,自由西藏 2008 」。

  •   "One World, One Dream" is the motto for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • 「同一個世界,同一個夢想」是 2008 北京奧運會的主題口號。

  •   The group says the protesters were on the wall for about two hours before being detained.
  • 該組織說,抗議者在長城上停留了大約兩個小時後被抓走。

  •   Further details were not immediately available.
  • 目前還無法獲得進一步的詳情。

  •   On Monday, international media rights group Reporters Without Borders held a rare protest in Beijing against China's continued harassment of journalists one year before it hosts the Olympics.
  • 星期一,國際媒體權益組織記者無國界在北京舉行了罕見的示威活動,抗議中國在舉辦奧運會的前一年繼續騷擾新聞記者。

  •   Several members of Reporters Without Borders demonstrated outside the headquarters of the Games' organizers.
  • 記者無國界的幾名成員在奧運會組委會的總部外面進行了示威。

  •   Shortly afterward, about 20 Chinese policemen scuffled with the activists and other foreign journalists covering the protest.
  • 不久前,大約 20 名中國警察與活動人士和採訪抗議活動的外國記者發生肢體衝突。

  •   Police detained the journalists in a parking lot and released them about an hour later, without explanation.
  • 警方將記者扣押在一個停車場內,大約一個小時後將他們釋放,沒有做任何解釋。


  • (2007-08-07)------

  • Vietnam's Prime Minister Pledges Better Use of World Bank Aid
  • 越南總理承諾更好地利用世界銀行援助
  •   Vietnam's prime minister, Nguyen Tan Dung, has pledged his country will make better use of aid from World Bank economic and development projects.
  • 越南總理阮晉勇承諾,越南會更好地使用世界銀行為越南的經濟和發展項目所提供的援助。

  •   Vietnam's state-run VNA news agency says Mr. Dung's comment followed a meeting Monday with World Bank President Robert Zoellick.
  • 官方的越南通訊社說,阮晉勇總理星期一在會見世界銀行行長佐利克後做出上述評論。

  •   The report says Zoellick praised Vietnam' economic progress, but said the country should focus more on developing a market economy.
  • 報導說,佐利克讚揚越南的經濟進步,但又表示,越南應該集中更多精力發展市場經濟。

  •   Zoellick began a two-day visit to Vietnam Monday. He leaves for Japan later Tuesday.
  • 佐利剋星期一開始對越南進行為期兩天的訪問.他星期二晚些時候前往日本。

  •   The World Bank has praised Vietnam as an economic success story that can serve as a model for other developing countries.
  • 世界銀行稱讚越南是經濟成功的範例,可以做為其他發展中國家的榜樣。

  •   The institution says it will give Vietnam 800-million dollars in interest-free credit over the next five years.
  • 世界銀行表示,在今後 5 年將為越南提供 8 億美元的無息貸款。


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