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八月份 第 05 課

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  • (2009-08-07)------

  • US Jobless Rate Falls to 9.4 Percent
  • 美國失業率下降到 9.4 %
  •   The U.S. unemployment rate fell unexpectedly in July, in one of the strongest signals yet that the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression may be ending.
  • 美國 7 月份的失業率出人意外的下降,這是一個強有力的信號,說明自從經濟大蕭條以來最嚴重的經濟衰退可能將要結束。

  •   A report from the Labor Department Friday shows the unemployment rate dropped to 9.4 percent last month, compared to 9.5 percent in June.
  • 美國勞工部星期五發佈的一份報告顯示,上個月失業率下降到 9.4 %, 而 6 月的失業率為 9.5 %。

  •   It is the first time the jobless rate has fallen since April 2008.
  • 這是 2008 年 4 月以來失業率首次下降。

  •   Employers cut 247,000 jobs in July. The number is much less than analysts had expected, but still an indication of a weak job market.
  • 僱主 7 月裁減 24 萬 7000 份工作,這個數字比分析家所預計的要少很多,但還是表明就業市場仍非常疲軟。

  •   White House press secretary Robert Gibbs cautiously welcomed the jobs report, saying the Obama administration is "pleased but not satisfied."
  • 白宮新聞秘書吉布斯對就業報告雖然表示歡迎,但他也持謹慎態度,他說歐巴馬政府對此“感到高興,但並不滿足 ”。

  •   He said the president still thinks the jobless rate will rise above 10 percent this year before it improves.
  • 他說歐巴馬總統仍然認為在情況改善之前,失業率還將上升到 10 % 以上。

  •   U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to talk about economic issues at the White House later Friday.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬預計將於星期五晚在白宮談論經濟問題。


  • (2009-08-07)------

  • U.S. Civil Rights Group to Honor Dalai Lama
  • 美國民權組織授予達賴喇嘛 2009 年度國際自由獎
  •   The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, has chosen the Dalai Lama as the 2009 recipient of its International Freedom Award.
  • 位於田納西州孟菲斯的美國國家民權博物館選擇把 2009 年度國際自由獎頒發給達賴喇嘛。

  •   A statement from the museum said the award is being given to the Dalai Lama for his steadfast commitment to protecting and defending the rights of the oppressed people of Tibet and elsewhere in the world.
  • 博物館的一份聲明說,授予達賴喇嘛國際自由獎,是因為他堅定的致力於保護和捍衛受壓迫的西藏人民和世界其他地方人民的權利。

  •   The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of of six million Tibetans.
  • 達賴喇嘛是 6 百萬藏族人的精神領袖。

  •   He was recognized as the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama when he was two years old and, in 1940, he was formally enthroned as the Dalai Lama.
  • 他在兩歲時被認定為十三世達賴喇嘛的轉世,1940 年他正式坐床成為第十四世達賴喇嘛。

  •   Ten years later, China invaded Tibet.
  • 10年後,中國進駐西藏。

  •   Chinese control intensified and oppression continued, leading to the failed popular Tibetan uprising of 1959.
  • 中國繼續加緊對西藏的控制和鎮壓,因此爆發 1959 年的“西藏人民大起義”,但起義沒有成功。

  •   The Dalai Lama fled and has since lived in exile in Dharamsala, India.
  • 達賴喇嘛逃往國外,在印度的達蘭薩拉流亡至今。

  •   The award will be presented in a ceremony September 23rd in Memphis.
  • 2009 年度國際自由獎頒獎儀式將於 9 月 23 日在孟菲斯舉行。


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