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八月份 第 05 課

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  • (2010-08-06)------

  • Pakistan: 12 Million Affected by Devastating Floods
  • 巴基斯坦:受災民眾達 1200 萬
  •   Pakistani officials say 12 million people have been affected by floodwaters that have ravaged the northwest and now are sweeping southward, forcing thousands more to flee their homes.
  • 巴基斯坦官員說,1200 萬民眾受到洪災侵害,給巴基斯坦西北部造成重創的洪水正在向南部挺進,迫使數萬人逃離家園。

  •   National Disaster Management Authority chairman Nadim Ahmed said Friday the latest figure applied to the northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and central Punjab provinces.
  • 國家災難管理局主任艾哈邁德星期五說,最新的數據包括了西北部的開伯爾-普赫圖赫瓦省和中部的旁遮普省的災民。

  •   The water is now flowing into the southern province of Sindh, where authorities have so far evacuated more than 500,000 people.
  • 洪水現在正在湧進南部的信德省,當局目前已經撤離了 50 多萬人。

  •   United Nations officials say 11 districts are at risk of flooding, as heavy monsoon rains continue.
  • 聯合國官員說,隨著季風雨的繼續,有 11 個區可能面臨水災。

  •   The nearly two-week disaster has killed more than 1,500 people.
  • 將近兩周來的水災導致 1500 多人喪生。

  •   Floodwaters have washed away homes, roads, and bridges, cutting off entire communities.
  • 不斷上升的水位衝垮了房屋、道路和橋梁,許多社區被完全隔離。

  •   U.N. officials say relief and rescue efforts have been hampered by poor weather conditions, with helicopters in the northwestern Swat Valley grounded on Friday.
  • 聯合國官員說,救濟物資和救援工作受到惡劣天氣的阻撓;在西北部斯瓦特山谷進行救援的直升機星期五被迫停飛。

  •   Many Pakistanis are criticizing what they say is a slow government response, as well as President Asif Ali Zardari's decision to travel to Europe during the floods.
  • 很多巴基斯坦民眾對政府的救災反應遲緩以及扎爾達里總統在洪災期間決定前往歐洲的決定提出批評。


  • (2010-08-06)------

  • US Private Sector Adds Jobs, Unemployment Stays at 9.5 Percent
  • 美國私營部門工作增加 失業率維持在 9.5 %
  •   U.S. private employers added 71,000 jobs in July, indicating the U.S. labor market and the economy at large are slow to recover from recession.
  • 美國私營企業僱主七月份增加了 7 萬 1 千個工作機會,表明美國勞工市場和經濟在總體上恢復緩慢。

  •   A report Friday from the Labor Department shows the unemployment rate stayed unchanged at 9.5 percent.
  • 美國勞工部星期五公佈的一份報告顯示,失業率仍然維持在百分之九點五的水準不變。

  •   In a statement, White House Economic Adviser Christina Romer said there will likely be more "bumps in the road" (challenges) as the economy recovers.
  • 白宮經濟顧問羅默在一份聲明中說,經濟恢復的過程中可能會遇到更多的挑戰。

  •   Economists closely watch the private payrolls figure, because private companies do the bulk of hiring in the United States.
  • 經濟學家密切關注私營部門的就業數據,因為在美國,私人公司提供了大部分的工作機會。

  •   Employment is also a big indicator of consumer spending, as those who are unemployed or worried about job stability tend to spend less.
  • 就業率同時也是消費者支出的一大指標,原因是失業以及擔心工作穩定度的民眾傾向於減少花費。

  •   The country lost jobs overall in July, due in large part to cuts at the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • 整體來說,七月份美國工作機會減少,主要是因為美國商務部人口普查局。

  •   The government agency cut about 144,000 temporary employees who were hired for only a couple of months to conduct the once-a-decade population count.
  • 這個政府機構裁掉了 14 萬 4 千名臨時僱員;這些人被人口普查局臨時雇用幾個月的時間,來進行十年一次的人口普查。


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