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八月份 第 06 課

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  • (2007-08-08)------

  • China Marks One Year Countdown to 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • 中國慶祝 2008 北京奧運會一週年倒數計時
  •   China has begun a one-year countdown to the 2008 Beijing Olympics amid criticism from human rights groups and concerns that pollution could delay some outdoor events next year.
  • 在人權組織的批評中和外界關注空氣污染可能使一些室外比賽項目延期之際,中國開始 2008 年奧運會一週年倒數計時。

  •   At a ceremony in Tiananmen Square, thousands of people including hundreds of Olympic officials watched countdown clocks reach the one-year mark, which came at 8:08 p.m. -- and eight seconds -- local time Wednesday.
  • 包括數以百計奧運官員在內的數以千計的人在天安門廣場舉行儀式,觀看倒數計時鐘走到一年的倒數計時時刻,也就是當地時間星期三晚上 8 點 08 秒。

  •   International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge participated in the ceremony.
  • 國際奧委會主席雅克.羅格參加了儀式。

  •   Rogge praised China's preparations, but also admitted that air pollution in the capital could force the postponement of some outdoor events.
  • 羅格讚揚中國的準備工作,但也承認,首都北京的空氣污染有可能迫使一些室外賽項推遲舉行。

  •   In an interview, Rogge said postponements were an option for some of the endurance sports, such as cycling events that run for hours.
  • 羅格在一個採訪中說,延期舉行一些需要耐力的競賽項目也是一個選擇,諸如長達幾個小時的自行車賽。

  •   Chinese officials say they are doing all they can to ensure the Olympics' 10-thousand athletes can compete in clean air.
  • 中國官員說,他們正在竭盡全力確保參加奧運會的 1 萬名運動員能在清潔空氣中競賽。

  •   Meanwhile, human rights and press freedom groups are using the countdown to push China to live up to its promises to improve media freedoms and human rights in the run up to the games.
  • 與此同時,人權組織和倡導新聞自由的組織利用倒數計時的時機,要求中國履行在奧運會前改善新聞自由和人權記錄的承諾。


  • (2007-08-08)------

  • India's Tibetans March to Protest China as Olympic Host
  • 印度藏人遊行抗議中國舉辦奧運
  •   Nearly 10-thousand Tibetans marched in India's capital Wednesday to protest China's actions in Tibet one year before the 2008 Olympic Games start in Beijing.
  • 星期三,距 2008 北京奧運會舉行整一年前之際,將近 1 萬名西藏人在印度首都遊行,抗議中國在西藏的行徑。

  •   At the same time, 14 Tibetans in India are continuing their month-long hunger strike protesting China's alleged human rights violations.
  • 與此同時, 14 名在印度的西藏人繼續他們進行了一個月之久的絕食,抗議中國被指稱的侵犯人權行為。

  •   Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has urged an end to the hunger strike, calling it a form of violence.
  • 西藏流亡精神領袖達賴喇嘛敦促結束絕食抗議,並稱絕食抗議是一種暴力形式。

  •   Rights groups are increasingly using the Olympics to highlight a wide range of problems in China.
  • 人權組織越來越多地利用北京奧運會來彰顯中國的範圍廣泛的問題。

  •   International media rights watchdog Reporters Without Borders this week held protests in both Beijing and New York, accusing China of not living up to its commitments as a host of the 2008 Olympics.
  • 國際媒體權益組織《記者無國界》這個星期在北京和紐約舉行抗議活動,指責中國沒有履行做為 2008 年奧運會主辦國所作出的承諾。


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