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八月份 第 06 課

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  • (2008-08-08)------

  • Beijing Opens 2008 Olympics
  • 北京 2008 年奧運會開幕
  •   China has opened the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing with a massive display of fireworks lighting the night sky above its national stadium.
  • 2008 年北京奧運會開幕,國家體育館上空煙火齊放,照亮夜空。

  •   Some 91-thousand people, many waving Chinese flags, packed the Olympic stadium known as the "Birds Nest," for today's (Friday's) opening ceremony, designed by Oscar-nominated director Zhang Yimou.
  • 大約 9 萬 1 千觀眾,在「鳥巢」奧林匹克體育館觀看開幕式,很多人手中揮舞著國旗;開幕儀式由獲得奧斯卡提名的導演張藝謀設計。

  •   The sound of two thousand and eight drummers filled the stadium.
  • 2008 名鼓手的鼓聲響徹整個體育館。

  •   Thousands of performers put on a show that celebrated some of China's great inventions - the compass and gunpowder - as well as its ancient arts.
  • 數千人參加了開幕式節目的表演,展現了中國偉大發明的一部分,有羅盤、火藥和古典藝術。

  •   Afterwards, athletes from a record number of 204 nations from around the world began their march into the stadium.
  • 開幕式表演結束後,來自全球 204 個國家和地區的運動員列隊走進會場,人數突破以往的紀錄。

  •   More than 80 world leaders are attending today's lavish ceremony on a hot, humid night in the Chinese capital.
  • 80 多個世界領導人在高溫悶熱的夏夜參加了這次盛況空前的開幕式。

  •   Pollution and fog continue to hamper visibility in Beijing, despite expensive efforts to clear the air by shutting down factories and taking cars off the road.
  • 污染和大霧仍然影響著北京的能見度,儘管中國當局為了使空氣清新而付出高昂的代價而關閉了工廠並減少路上行駛的車輛。


  • (2008-08-08)------

  • Bush Calls for Freedom of Expression in Beijing Ahead of Games
  • 布希奧運前在北京呼籲言論自由
  •   U.S. President George Bush has made another appeal for freedom of expression in China, hours ahead of the start of the Beijing Olympic Games.
  • 美國總統布希在北京奧運會開幕前幾小時再次呼籲中國實行言論自由。

  •   Mr. Bush spoke today (Friday) during a dedication ceremony for a new U.S. embassy complex in the Chinese capital.
  • 布希總統是星期五在北京新建的美國大使館落成儀式上發表這番評論的。

  •   He said societies that allow the free expression of ideas tend to be the most prosperous and the most peaceful.
  • 他說,允許自由表達意見的社會往往是最繁榮、最和平的。

  •   The U.S. president also said the new embassy reflects the solid foundations of U.S.-China relations.
  • 這位美國總統還表示,新的美國大使館反映了美中關係的堅實基礎。

  •   He noted that China opened a new embassy in Washington last week.
  • 他還提到上星期在華盛頓新建的中國大使館已開始啟用。

  •   Chinese State Councilor (and Deputy Foreign Minister) Dai Bingguo participated in the Beijing ceremony.
  • 中國國務委員兼副外長戴秉國參加了美國駐北京使館的落成儀式。

  •   He called for China and the United States to properly manage their differences on sensitive issues.
  • 他呼籲中美兩國妥善處理在敏感問題上的分歧。

  •   Dai also recalled the role former U.S. President George H.W. Bush played in normalizing relations nearly 30 years ago.
  • 戴秉國還回憶了美國前總統老布希近三十年前在美中關係正常化方面發揮的作用。


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