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八月份 第 07 課

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  • (2010-08-10)------

  • Former U.S. Senator in Alaska Plane Crash
  • 美國前參議員在阿拉斯加墜毀飛機上
  •   A plane carrying former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens and former NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe has crashed in Alaska but the condition of the two men is unknown.
  • 一架載有美國前參議員史蒂文斯和前美國航空航太局局長奧基夫的飛機在阿拉斯加墜毀,但是這兩個人的狀況還不清楚。

  •   The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board reports five of the nine people on the plane are believed to have died in the accident.
  • 美國國家交通安全委員會報告說,機上 9 個人中的 5 個據信在飛機失事中死亡。

  •   In a statement, the NTSB says the aircraft, a DeHaviland DHC-3T crashed about 16 kilometers northwest Aleknagik, Alaska Monday evening.
  • 美國交通安全委員會在一份聲明中說,這架德‧哈維蘭公司的 DHC-3T 型飛機星期一晚間在阿拉斯加阿勒納季克西北部大約 16 公里的地方墜毀。

  •   Officials said rescue crews were having trouble reaching the crash site because of severe weather conditions.
  • 有關官員說,惡劣的天氣使得救援人員很難抵達墜機地點。

  •   This is the third plane crash in less than two weeks in the large, sparsely populated state.
  • 這是阿拉斯加這個地廣人稀的州不到兩個星期裏發生的第三起墜機事件。


  • (2010-08-10)------

  • UN: Civilian Casualties Rising Sharply in Afghanistan
  • 聯合國:阿富汗平民傷亡人數劇增
  •   A new United Nations report says civilian casualties in Afghanistan have risen 31 percent in the first half of 2010, with the Taliban and other insurgents largely responsible for the increase.
  • 聯合國最新的一份報告說,阿富汗平民傷亡人數在今年上半年增加了 31 %,而塔利班以及其他反叛分子要為此負主要責任。

  •   According to its report issued Tuesday, nearly 1,300 Afghans died and 2,000 were injured in conflict-related injuries, attributed mostly to the use of more sophisticated homemade bombs.
  • 根據聯合國星期二發表的報告,將近 1 千 3 百名阿富汗人死於衝突,另有 2 千人受傷;這主要歸咎於使用更為先進的自製炸彈。

  •   The U.N. said Taliban and other insurgents were responsible for 76 percent of the deaths, up from 53 percent last year.
  • 聯合國說,塔利班和其他反叛分子要為死亡人數的百分之 76 負責,去年這個數字是百分之 53。

  •   Meanwhile casualties attributed to NATO forces fell by almost a third over the same period to account for 12 percent this year.
  • 與此同時,北約部隊所引起的傷亡人數下跌到 12 %,比去年同期幾乎減少了三分之一。

  •   U.N. special envoy Staffan de Mistura called the report a "wake-up call," telling a Kabul news conference that the human cost of the conflict is being paid too heavily by civilians, particularly women and children.
  • 聯合國特使德米斯圖拉把這個報告稱為一個“警醒”;他在喀布爾舉行的一個新聞發佈會上表示,這場衝突造成的傷亡者中平民過多,尤其是婦女和兒童過多。

  •   The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, has said coalition forces must continue to work to prevent civilian deaths.
  • 美國和北約軍隊在阿富汗的最高指揮官彼得雷烏斯將軍說,聯軍必須繼續努力防止出現平民傷亡。


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