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八月份 第 08 課

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  • (2007-08-10)------

  • China Releases Tiananmen Square Activist After 18 Years
  • 中國十八年後釋放天安門廣場活動人士
  •   A Hong Kong-based human rights group says a Chinese man jailed for his involvement in the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests has been released from prison after 18 years in prison.
  • 一個設在香港的人權組織說,一位因參與六四天安門廣場民主抗議活動被監禁了 18 年的中國男子從監獄中獲釋。

  •   The Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy said Friday that Xi Haoliang was released from a Beijing prison Tuesday.
  • 中國人權民運信息中心星期五說,郗浩良星期二從北京一座監獄裡被釋放。

  •   Xi is reported to have joined a crowd burning debris to prevent troops from entering Tiananmen Square on the morning of June fourth, 1989.
  • 據報導, 1989 年 6 月 4 號凌晨,郗浩良參與一群人一起焚燒雜物,試圖阻止軍隊進入天安門廣場。

  •   His actions led to a death sentence, which was later commuted to a prison term.
  • 他的行動導致被判處死刑,後來減為有期徒刑。

  •   Chinese troops and tanks killed hundreds and possibly thousands of demonstrators in 1989 in Beijing, putting a brutal end to weeks of peaceful protests in Tiananmen Square.
  • 中國部隊和坦克 1989 年在北京打死數百、可能數千名抗議民眾,以殘暴方式結束了天安門廣場數週的和平抗議活動。

  •   The government has called the protests a counter-revolutionary rebellion and has rejected all calls to reassess its position.
  • 中國政府稱天安門抗議活動為反革命暴亂,並拒絕重新評估其立場的所有呼籲。


  • (2007-08-10)------

  • World's Largest Nuclear Plant Closed for Months
  • 世界最大核電站關閉數月
  •   U.N. inspectors say the world's largest nuclear plant, damaged weeks ago by an earthquake in Japan, will be closed for months while more checks are done.
  • 聯合國核查人員說,世界上規模最大的一座日本核電站因幾星期前遭受地震破壞,將關閉數月,接受進一步的檢查。

  •   An assessment team from the International Atomic Energy Agency spent four days inspecting the nuclear power plant.
  • 國際原子能機構的一個評估小組用了 4 天的時間檢測這座核電站。

  •   An inspection official said Friday further checks must be carried out before the plant reopens.
  • 一名核查官員星期五說,核電站在重新運作前必須經過進一步的檢查。

  •   The facility caught fire and leaked a small amount of radiation following a powerful earthquake July 16th.
  • 7 月 16 號發生強烈地震後,這處核設施起火,洩漏了少量放射性物質。

  •   At least 11 people were killed in the quake in incidents not related to the nuclear facility.
  • 在地震中有至少有 11 人死於與核電站設施無關的事故。

  •   The IAEA is expected to release a preliminary report in the coming days.
  • 預計國際原子能機構將在未來幾天內公佈一項初步的評估報告。


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