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八月份 第 08 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2008-08-12)------

  • Olympic Ceremony Director: Singing Star was a Fake
  • 奧運開幕式導演:明星歌手假唱
  •   The music director for the Opening Ceremony at the Beijing Olympics has admitted that a young girl who delivered a key performance during the show, lip-synched her song.
  • 北京奧運的音樂總監陳其剛承認,在開幕式上做一個主要表演的女孩是假唱。

  •   Chen Qigang says the pigtailed nine-year-old girl, Lin Miaoke, was actually a stand-in for the real singer who was not considered attractive enough.
  • 陳其剛說,梳辮子的 9 歲女孩林妙可實際上是被認為不夠耀眼的真正歌手的替身。

  •   The real singer, Yang Peiyi, is seven, and has a chubby face and crooked teeth.
  • 真正的 7 歲歌手楊沛宜的臉很胖,牙齒不整齊。

  •   Chen says organizers made the decision at the request of a high-ranking Communist Party official, adding that they were thinking about doing what was best for the nation.
  • 陳其剛說,組織者根據一名中共高層官員的要求做出這一決定,並補充說他們考慮的是怎樣做對國家最有利。

  •   The revelation has sparked furious responses online.
  • 這一披露在互聯網上引起憤怒的反響。

  •   However, Yang told the state-run China News Service that just having her voice used for the opening ceremony was an honor.
  • 然而,楊沛宜對中國官方媒體說,自己的聲音能夠用在奧運開幕式上已經是一種榮譽了。


  • (2008-08-12)------

  • China Uses Volunteers to Fill Olympic Seats
  • 中國用志願者填補賽場空席
  •   China has begun using squads of volunteer "cheerleaders" to fill empty seats at Olympic events.
  • 中國開始使用一些志願者當啦啦隊來填補奧運會賽事空置的座席。

  •   A senior member of the Beijing Olympic organizing committee, Wang Wei, said today (Tuesday) that organizers are concerned about large stretches of empty seats at many of the preliminary matches.
  • 北京奧組委的高級官員王偉星期二說,奧組委對很多預賽賽場大片空置的席位表示關注。

  •   Chinese officials have said tickets for the Games are sold out.
  • 中國官員說,奧運會的門票都已售完。

  •   Olympic organizers have been using groups of volunteers in matching shirts to fill seats.
  • 奧組委已經在使用大批的統一服裝的志願者填補空置的座位。

  •   The volunteers sit packed tightly together, waving inflatable "cheer sticks" and calling out support for both sides.
  • 志願者被安排坐在一起,揮舞著充氣的「喝彩棒」,為比賽雙方加油吶喊。


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