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八月份 第 08 課

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  • (2011-08-15)------

  • Reports: Pakistan Let China See Downed US "Stealth" Helicopter
  • 巴允許中國接觸美隱形直升機殘骸
  •   U.S. officials say Pakistan likely gave China access to the wreckage of a stealth American helicopter that crashed during the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
  • 美國官員說,巴基斯坦很可能曾允許中國接觸在打死賓拉登的突襲行動中墜毀的美國隱形直升機的殘骸。

  •   The New York Times and Financial Times newspapers quoted unnamed U.S. officials who said Pakistan's intelligence service is believed to have allowed Chinese engineers to photograph and even walk away with samples of the U.S. helicopter, which was equipped with special technology designed to allow the aircraft to elude radar.
  • 美國《紐約時報》和英國《金融時報》援引沒有透露姓名的美國官員的話說,據信,巴基斯坦情報機構曾允許中國工程師給隱形直升機拍照,甚至拿走戰機殘骸的一些樣本;這種隱形戰機裝備了可以躲過雷達的偵察的特別技術。

  •   U.S. forces involved in the May 2 raid attempted to destroy the helicopter after it crashed into a wall of the al-Qaida leader's compound in Abbottabad, but the tail section remained largely intact.
  • 參加 5 月 2 日突襲行動的美國軍隊在隱形機墜毀在賓拉登在阿伯塔巴德的院落的墻上以後,曾試圖摧毀這架飛機,但是,飛機尾部基本上完整無缺。

  •   Pakistan later returned the wreckage of the aircraft and it was brought back to the United States.
  • 巴基斯坦後來歸還飛機殘骸,飛機也被運送回美國。

  •   Pakistani officials have rejected media reports that China was allowed to see the downed helicopter.
  • 巴基斯坦官員對媒體有關中國獲准接觸墜毀飛機的說法予以否認。

  •   The New York Times reported that U.S. officials directly confronted Pakistani officials about whether foreign governments had been given access to the wreckage and Pakistan denied the accusations.
  • 《紐約時報》報導說,美國官員直接對質巴基斯坦官員,問其是否允許外國政府接觸飛機殘骸,巴基斯坦方面否認了這樣的指責。

  •   Relations between the United States and Pakistan have been at a low point since the covert operation by U.S. special forces that killed bin Laden.
  • 自從美國特種部隊秘密行動殺死賓拉登以來,美國和巴勒斯坦的關係處於低谷。

  •   Pakistan sharply criticized the U.S. raid as a violation of its sovereignty.
  • 巴基斯坦猛烈批評美國,稱美國的突襲侵犯其主權。


  • (2011-08-15)------

  • China Warns "Backpacker" US Ambassador of Heavy Burden Ahead
  • 中國說美 "雙肩包" 大使駱家輝任重道遠
  •   Chinese state media warned Monday that the joyful reception given the new U.S. ambassador in Beijing should not be mistaken for a solution to the two countries' problems.
  • 中國媒體星期一警告說,不要把美國駐中國大使受到的熱情接待誤以為是兩國問題得到解決。

  •   Gary Locke, the first Chinese American to serve as U.S. ambassador to China, created a media sensation when he arrived of Friday carrying his own luggage and traveling from the airport in a modest car.
  • 駱家輝是第一位擔任美國駐華大使的華裔美國人;星期五,他自己帶著行李抵達,乘坐一輛低調的汽車離開機場,立即引起媒體轟動。

  •   But the official Xinhua news agency, which labeled him "the backpacker," noted a number of problems that Locke will have to deal with, including strains over trade, military relations and the U.S. debt.
  • 但是,封他為 “背包大使” 的新華社提到了駱家輝必須要應對的一系列問題,包括貿易、軍事關係和美國債務問題上的緊迫壓力。

  •   It said Locke's mission will be "much heavier than the bag he carried on the way to China."
  • 新華社說,駱家輝的任務比他中國之行的行李還要重。

  •   The Global Times newspaper also noted Locke's modest arrival and described him as "possibly the most recognizable American ambassador to China in history."
  • 《環球時報》也提到了駱家輝的低調抵達,並描述他 “有可能是歷史上最知名的美國駐華大使”。

  •   But it said his Chinese origins will not mean a softer stance when it comes to defending U.S. interests.
  • 但是報導還說,他的中國血統並不意味他在維護美國利益時會採取比較柔軟的立場。


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