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八月份 第 08 課

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  • (2012-08-10)------

  • Libyan Assembly Elects Gadhafi Opponent as President
  • 利比亞國民議會推選梅加里夫擔任總統
  •   Libya's new national assembly has elected former opposition leader Mohammed el-Megarif as its president.
  • 利比亞的新國民議會推選前反對派領袖穆罕默德‧埃爾‧梅加里夫擔任總統。

  •   Mr. Megarif received 113 votes from the 200-member Congress, defeating independent Ali Zidan, who won 85.
  • 在共有 200 個議席的國民議會的表決中,梅加里夫獲得 113 票,擊敗獨立人士齊丹;齊丹獲得 85 票。

  •   The vote late Thursday came just one day after Libya's transitional council handed power to the assembly, which was elected last month in the nation's first free election in 60 years.
  • 在利比亞國民議會星期四晚間表決的一天前,利比亞過渡委員會將權力轉交國民議會;利比亞上個月舉行了 60 年來的首次自由選舉,國民議會由此產生。

  •   Mr. Megarif was the leader of Libya's oldest opposition movement, the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, which tried several times to end the 42-year rule of late leader Moammar Gadhafi.
  • 梅加里夫是利比亞成立最早的反對派組織拯救利比亞全國陣線的領袖,該組織曾數次試圖結束卡紮菲的 42 年統治。

  •   After living in exile since the 1980s, Mr. Megarif returned to Libya following the revolution last year that ousted Gadhafi.
  • 梅加里夫自上世紀 80 年代以來長期流亡國外,去年爆發反抗卡紮菲的革命後,他返回利比亞。

  •   Mr. Megarif, now head of the National Front party, will steer the nation to full parliamentary elections after a new constitution is drafted.
  • 梅加里夫現在是全國陣線黨領袖;利比亞新憲法草擬完畢後,梅加里夫將負責籌備舉行議會全面選舉。


  • (2012-08-10)------

  • China's Trade Growth Falters in July
  • 中國7月份貿易額同比增幅大減
  •   China's exports grew just one percent in July compared to the same period a year earlier, the latest sign of continued stagnation within the global economy.
  • 中國 7 月份出口額比去年同期僅增長 1 %,顯示最近中國經濟在世界經濟的影響下增速減緩。

  •   The figures released Friday by China's customs bureau were far below the 11.3 percent rate posted in June, and well short of many economists' forecasts.
  • 中國海關總署星期五發佈的這一數據大大低於 6 月份 11.3 % 的同比增幅,也遠低於很多經濟學家的預測。

  •   Imports in July were also weak, rising just 4.7 percent from a year earlier compared to the 6.3 percent mark posted in June.
  • 中國 7 月份的進口額同比增長僅為 4.7 %,低於 6 月份的 6.3 %。

  •   Economists had forecast an increase of at least 7 percent.
  • 經濟學家曾經預測至少增長 7 %。

  •   China's trade surplus in July was $25.1 billion, down from $31.5 billion a year earlier.
  • 中國 7 月份的貿易順差為 251 億美元,低於去年同期的 315 億美元。

  •   Beijing has set a goal of 10 percent growth in total trade this year.
  • 北京為今年設定的貿易總額增幅為 10 %。

  •   These trade figures may prompt Chinese leaders to take more aggressive actions to stimulate the economy growth.
  • 這些貿易數據可能促使中國領導人採取更有力的措施來刺激經濟增長。

  •   The government has already cut interest rates twice this year and begun spending on a number of public works projects.
  • 中國政府今年已經兩次降低利率,並開始對一系列公共設施項目投放資金。

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