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八月份 第 09 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2006-08-10)------

  • US Raises Terror Alert Level for All Flights
  • 美國提高所有航班恐怖威脅警戒級別
  •   The United States has raised its national security threat level for all commercial air flights and has barred passengers from carrying liquids aboard any planes.
  • 美國提高了所有民用航班的安全威脅警戒級別,並禁止乘客攜帶任何液態物品登機。

  •   U.S. officials say a code-red alert imposed early Thursday is aimed at commercial traffic from Britain, with focus on flights by United Airlines, American Airlines and Continental Airlines.
  • 美國官員說,星期四早上宣佈的紅色警戒級別針對來自英國的航班,主要是由聯航、美利堅航空以及大陸航空公司運營的航班。

  •   The liquids ban applies to all air travel in and out of the U.S. and includes beverages, hair gels and lotions. Baby formulas are exempt from the ban but will be examined.
  • 液態物品的禁令適用於所有出入美國的航班,被禁止的液態物品包括飲料、髮膠以及護膚液等.嬰兒配方奶不在禁令之內,但是需要接受檢查。

  •   The threat level for all other commercial flights to or from the United States was increased to code orange, indicating a high risk of attack.
  • 來往於美國的其它商業航班的警戒級別也被提升到預示有高度恐怖襲擊威脅的橙色。

  •   Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff says there are no signs of plotting within the United States.
  • 美國國土安全部部長切爾托夫說,目前還沒有跡象顯示美國國內有陰謀策劃。

  •   But he said the plot uncovered in Britain was in its final planning stages.
  • 但是他說,被英國挫敗的陰謀已經到了策劃的最後階段。

  •   Chertoff and FBI Director Robert Mueller said the plot has the earmarks of al-Qaida, but that no direct link has yet been established to the terrorist group.
  • 切爾托夫和美國聯邦調查局局長米勒說,這次陰謀帶有基地組織的特徵,但是還沒有找到將這個案子與基地恐怖組織聯繫起來的直接證據。


  • (2006-08-10)------

  • Super Typhoon Saomai Slams into China's Zhejiang Province
  • 超強颱風桑美猛襲中國浙江省
  •   Chinese authorities say Super Typhoon Saomai has slammed into the coast of eastern China. They say it is the most powerful storm to hit the country in decades.
  • 中國當局說,超強颱風「桑美」衝擊了東部沿海地區.他們說,這是幾十年來襲擊中國的最強大風暴。

  •   China's official Xinhua News Agency says Saomai made landfall at about 5:30 p.m. this Thursday afternoon near the city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang province.
  • 中國官方的新華社報導,「桑美」颱風於當地時間星期四下午 5 點半在浙江省溫州市附近登陸。

  •   Forecasters say the storm had a maximum windspeed of 216 kilometers an hour before coming ashore. It is expected to move further inland, traveling northwest at about 20 kilometers an hour.
  • 氣象部門說,登陸前的最大風力達每小時216公里.預計,颱風將以20公里的時速向西北方向內陸地區移動。

  •   Authorities have evacuated one-point-three million people from coastal regions of Zhejiang and Fujian province, just to the south.
  • 有關當局已經疏散了浙江以南福建和浙江兩省沿海的130萬民眾。

  •   Earlier Thursday, Saomai skirted the northern coast of Taiwan, but the island escaped the brunt of the storm and no serious damage or casualties were reported. Some domestic and international flights were canceled.
  • 星期四早些時候,颱風「桑美」繞過台灣北部沿海地區,但是台灣主島躲過了颱風的正面衝擊,沒有嚴重財產損失或是人員傷亡的報導.一些國內和國際航班被迫取消。


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