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八月份 第 09 課

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  • (2007-08-13)------

  • Boss of Toy Factory Commits Suicide
  • 中國玩具廠老闆自殺
  •   A Chinese newspaper says the head of a company that made toys recalled in the United States because of safety concerns has committed suicide.
  • 中國一家報紙報導,南方一家玩具公司的老闆自殺身亡.之前,這家公司製造的玩具由於安全問題在美國市場被召回。

  •   The Southern Metropolis Daily reports Monday that Zhang Shuhong of the Lee Der Industrial Company Limited was found dead in his Guangdong province factory Saturday.
  • 中國的南方都市報星期一報導,佛山利達玩具有限公司的張樹鴻星期六在他廣東省的利達工廠被發現死亡。

  •   Earlier August U.S. toy giant Fisher-Price recalled nearly a million toys made by Lee Der from stores around the world.
  • 8 月早些時候,美國玩具巨商費雪公司從世界各地的商店中召回了接近 100 萬件利達公司生產的玩具。

  •   Fisher-Price issued the recall after finding the products were covered in lead paint.
  • 費雪公司在發現中國這家公司製造的玩具中噴有含鉛油漆後宣佈召回這些玩具。

  •   Lead poisoning can cause brain damage in children.
  • 鉛中毒會損害兒童的大腦。

  •   The Chinese government suspended exports by Lee Der and another toy manufacturer whose products were recalled in June for safety reasons.
  • 中國政府暫停了利達公司和另外一家玩具製造商的出口許可.那家中國玩具製造商的產品今年 6 月因為安全問題被召回。


  • (2007-08-13)------

  • Shuttle's Heat-Shield Damage Could Force Repairs in Orbit
  • 太空梭隔熱層損壞可能需在軌道上修復
  •   NASA engineers are trying to decide Monday whether the space shuttle Endeavor's crew will have to repair damage to the ship's underside later this week.
  • 美國太空總署的工程技術人員爭取星期一決定是否有必要讓奮進號太空梭上的機組人員在這個星期晚些時候修補太空梭腹部的損傷。

  •   The space agency said Sunday a gouge in the heat shield protecting the shuttle is deeper than expected, raising the possibility that astronauts may try to repair the damage while still in orbit.
  • 太空總署星期天說,奮進號太空梭防護隔熱瓦上的裂縫深度超過早先的估計,因此可能需要宇航員在太空梭仍然在太空軌道上飛行時修補損傷。

  •   NASA has already lengthened the shuttle's mission by three days Sunday, so the spacecraft will not leave its berth at the International Space Station until next Monday.
  • 美國太空總署星期天將奮進號的飛行使命延長了 3 天,奮進號在下星期一之前不會脫離國際空間站。

  •   Space-agency officials say the damage was caused by a piece of foam insulation that struck the shuttle during launch last Wednesday.
  • 太空總署的官員說,損傷是由於太空梭星期三發射升空時受到一塊泡沫絕緣材料的撞擊。


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