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八月份 第 09 課

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  • (2008-08-13)------

  • Chinese Police Arrest Pro-Tibet Protesters, Detain Journalist
  • 中國警方逮捕支援西藏抗議者,拘留記者
  •   Seven Americans and a Japanese national have been arrested in Beijing after staging a demonstration near the city's main Olympics venue.
  • 七名美國人和一名日本公民在北京主要奧運場館附近舉行示威後被逮捕。

  •   Members of the group Students for a Free Tibet were quickly arrested after they hung a pro-Tibet banner in a park near the National Stadium today (Wednesday).
  • 今天 (星期三),西藏自由學生組織的成員在鳥巢體育場附近的一個公園懸掛親西藏標幟後,被迅速逮捕。

  •   Five protesters attempted to block the entrance to the park with bicycles.
  • 5 名抗議者試圖用自行車擋住體育場的入口。

  •   A British television journalist who was covering the protest was roughed up by police, despite his efforts to show he is accredited to cover the Beijing Olympic Games.
  • 正在拍攝和報道抗議場面的一名英國電視記者儘管竭力表示自己被准許採訪北京奧運,仍遭到警察的粗暴對待。

  •   John Ray of the London-based ITV News said he was dragged to a nearby police van where he was briefly detained. Authorities confiscated his equipment.
  • 倫敦英國獨立電視新聞的雷伊說,他被拖上附近一輛警車,受到短暫拘留.當局沒收了他的設備。

  •   The International Olympic Committee said the media must be free to report on the Olympics.
  • 國際奧會說,必須允許媒體自由報導奧運。

  •   An IOC spokesperson said the committee will investigate the incident.
  • 國際奧會發言人說,將對這一事件進行調查。


  • (2008-08-13)------

  • China's Food Safety Official Dies in Suspected Suicide
  • 中國食品安全官員疑自殺身亡
  •   A government-run magazine in China says a senior official in charge of food and drug safety has committed suicide, after authorities began to investigate his affairs.
  • 中國一家官方雜誌說,一名負責食品藥物安全的高級官員在當局開始對他進行調查後自殺身亡。

  •   The Caijing magazine says 42-year-old Wu Jianping jumped off a building August second, one day after Beijing prosecutors questioned him about his personal assets.
  • 財經雜誌說,42 歲的鄔建平 8 月 2 號跳樓自殺;一天前,北京檢察人員就他的個人資產問題對他進行訊問。

  •   The report says Wu acknowledged to investigators that he held several properties and bank deposits worth about 150-thousand dollars.
  • 報導說,鄔建平向調查人員承認,他擁有價值大約 15 萬美元的房產和銀行存款。

  •   As head of the state agency overseeing quality control of China's food production (the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine), Wu had the authority to issue permits for food producers.
  • 鄔建平是中國國家品質監督檢驗檢疫總局局長,擁有為食品生產者發放許可證的權力。

  •   Beijing introduced the permit system to improve the reputation of its food and drug industries after cases of poisoning from Chinese food products made headlines at home and abroad.
  • 中國有毒食品在國內外媒體成為頭條消息後,北京設立了許可證制度,以改進中國食品和藥品產業的聲譽。

  •   Caijing says fewer than a quarter of some 450-thousand Chinese food producers have permits.
  • 財經雜誌說,大約 45 萬個中國食品廠家中只有不到四分之一持有許可證。


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