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八月份 第 10 課

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  • (2013-08-15)------

  • Protesters Attack Government Building in Cairo, New Protests Underway
  • 埃及又有人上街抗議 焚燒政府建築
  •   Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi are launching new protests, some setting fire to a government building in Cairo.
  • 埃及前總統穆爾西的支援者又舉行抗議活動;有人放火焚燒開羅附近的一個政府建築。

  •   Egyptian state TV and witnesses say hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacked government offices Thursday in Giza, torching the entrance.
  • 埃及國營電視台和目擊者說, 數百名穆斯林兄弟會的支援者星期四襲擊了吉薩的政府辦公機構,放火點燃大樓入口。

  •   Separately, hundreds of marched through Alexandria demanding Mr. Morsi's return.
  • 另有數百人在亞歷山大遊行示威,要求讓穆爾西復職。

  •   The renewed protests and violence follow Wednesday's violent crackdown by Egypt's military on Morsi supporters gathered in protest camps around Cairo and fighting in Alexandria and Suez.
  • 新的抗議活動發生在星期三埃及軍隊暴力鎮壓之後;安全部隊星期三鎮壓了聚集在開羅營地的抗議者以及在亞歷山大和蘇伊士反抗政府的人。

  •   Video being distributed by the Muslim Brotherhood showed hundreds of bodies wrapped in shrouds at Cairo's El Iman mosque.
  • 穆斯林兄弟會發送的錄影顯示,開羅的艾爾伊曼清真寺內停放著數百具裹著布的屍體。

  •   Egypt's health ministry says Wednesday's violence killed at least 525 people and wounded more than 3,700. The Muslim Brotherhood has put the death toll at more than 4,500.
  • 埃及衛生部星期四說,衝突至少造成 525 人死亡,3700 人受傷;穆斯林兄弟會則說,有 4500 人死亡。

  •   Authorities had warned for days they would move against the protest camps.
  • 埃及政府星期三出兵清理穆爾西支援者的抗議營地之前,連續多天發出警告。

  •   The interior minister in the military-backed interim government, Mohamed Ibrahim, defended the actions of security forces, insisting they used minimum force against the camps and only fired tear gas.
  • 埃及內政部長易卜拉欣為安全部隊的行動辯護,聲稱安全部隊對抗議營地使用了最低限度的武力,而且只發射了催淚彈。

  •   Ibrahim blamed the Brotherhood for creating what he called a state of mayhem across the country by shooting at police, attacking government buildings and burning churches.
  • 易卜拉欣指責穆斯林兄弟會向警察開槍、襲擊政府建築以及焚燒教堂,導致全國各地出現了他所說極端混亂狀態;易卜拉欣說,臨時政府是在傾聽人民的呼聲,努力恢複國家穩定。

  •   But witnesses reported security forces firing live ammunition.
  • 不過有目擊者說,安全部隊發射了實彈。


  • (2013-08-15)------

  • Mali Confirms Huge Election Win for New President
  • 馬利確認凱塔當選新總統 政變上尉變將軍
  •   Mali's government has confirmed Ibrahim Boubacar Keita won a landslide victory in Sunday's presidential election runoff.
  • 馬利政府確認易卜拉欣‧凱塔在星期日的總統決選中獲得壓倒性勝利。

  •   The government released figures on Thursday showing the former prime minister captured 77.6 percent of the vote.
  • 官方星期四公佈的數據顯示,曾出任過總理的凱塔贏得了77.6 % 的選票。

  •   His rival, former finance minister Soumaila Cisse, won just over 22 percent. Cisse had already conceded defeat.
  • 他的對手、前財政部長蘇邁拉‧西塞只獲得了略微超過22 % 的選票;西塞已經承認敗選。

  •   Confirmation of Mr. Keita's victory followed the announcement that the army captain who led a coup in March 2012 has received a huge promotion.
  • 在確認凱塔勝選之前,2012 年 3 月領導了一場政變的陸軍上尉阿馬杜‧薩諾戈被越級擢升。

  •   On Wednesday, military officials said the interim government had promoted Amadou Sanogo to general, a promotion that skips over several military ranks.
  • 軍方官員星期三說,臨時政府已經把薩諾戈提拔為上將。這跨越了好幾級軍銜。

  •   Rights groups have criticized the decision. Human Rights Watch says Sanogo, instead of being "rewarded," should be investigated for his alleged involvement in serious abuses linked to the coup.
  • 人權組織批評提升薩諾戈;人權觀察說,不應該 “獎勵”薩諾戈,而是應該調查他參與了與政變有關的侵權行為的指控。

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