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八月份 第 10 課

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  • (2008-08-14)------

  • China Insists it is Fulfilling Olympic Promises
  • 中國堅持說完全兌現奧運承諾
  •   A top Beijing Olympic official today (Thursday) insisted that China is fulfilling promises on issues such as human rights and freedom of the press.
  • 北京奧組委一位主要官員星期四堅持說,中國在人權和新聞自由等方面完全有兌現承諾。

  •   Organizing committee official Wang Wei pointed out that Beijing has set up protest areas for citizens and said the Games will prompt China to reform further.
  • 奧組委官員王偉指出,北京為公民設立了抗議示威區,他並且表示,奧運會將促進中國進一步改革。

  •   The International Olympic Committee today (Thursday) objected to China's detention of a British journalist reporting on a pro-Tibet rally in Beijing.
  • 星期四,國際奧會反對中國當局拘留一名在北京採訪一次親西藏集會的英國記者。

  •   A spokeswoman (Giselle Davies) today (Thursday) said the committee disapproves of any attempt to hinder a journalist who is working within the rules and regulations.
  • 國際奧會發言人戴維斯星期四說,國際奧會不同意任何企圖妨礙按照規定進行採訪的記者的做法。


  • (2008-08-14)------

  • Olympic Committee Condemns Chinese Treatment of Journalist
  • 國際奧會譴責中國對待記者方式
  •   The International Olympic Committee has objected to the actions of Chinese authorities who detained a British journalist reporting on a pro-Tibet rally in Beijing.
  • 國際奧會反對中國當局拘留一名在北京採訪一次親西藏集會的英國記者的行動。

  •   John Ray of London-based ITV News says police forcibly detained him, after accusing him of supporting the pro-Tibet protests he was covering.
  • 設在倫敦的英國獨立電視台新聞的記者雷伊說,中國警察指責他支援他正在採訪的親西藏的抗議活動,強行拘留了他。

  •   Ray was released after showing his press credentials.
  • 雷伊在出示記者採訪證件之後獲釋。

  •   At the same rally, police arrested seven U.S. citizens and a Japanese national who are members of the group Students for a Free Tibet.
  • 在那次集會上,警察逮捕了 7 名美國公民和一名日本公民,他們是「學生爭取西藏自由」組織的成員。

  •   In Nepal today (Thursday), police detained at least 760 Tibetan exiles who were protesting outside the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu.
  • 今天,尼泊爾警察拘留了在中國駐加德滿都大使館外面抗議的至少 760 名流亡的藏人。


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