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八月份 第 10 課

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  • (2010-08-13)------

  • German Economy Drives European Growth
  • 德國經濟推動歐洲經濟增長
  •   Germany's economy grew at its fastest pace in 20 years during the second quarter of this year, sparking better than expected overall growth for the 16 countries that use the euro currency.
  • 德國經濟今年第二季度出現 20 年來最快速的增長,帶動使用歐元的 16 個國家的整體增長超過預期。

  •   Data released Friday showed Germany's gross domestic product surged more than two percent from April through June, compared to the first three months of this year.
  • 星期五公佈的數據顯示,德國 4 月到 7 月的國內生產總值比今年頭三個月上漲了 2 % 以上。

  •   Germany is Europe's largest economy and GDP is the broadest measure of the nation's economic health.
  • 德國是歐洲最大的經濟體,國內生產總值是全面衡量德國經濟健康與否的指標。

  •   German officials said the jump was the result of an increase in exports - due, in part, to a recovery in global demand.
  • 德國官員說,經濟增長是出口增加的結果,而出口增加的部分原因是由於全球需求的恢復。

  •   Overall, the eurozone economy grew 1 percent in the second quarter, its fastest pace of growth in about four years.
  • 第二季度歐元區經濟整體增長 1 %,是近四年來最快速的增長。

  •   Eurozone members France and Spain also reported second-quarter growth, but Greece's economy contracted by 1.5 percent.
  • 歐元區成員國法國和西班牙也報告說第二季度出現增長,但是希臘經濟收縮了 1.5 %。


  • (2010-08-13)------

  • Disease Threatens Pakistan Flood Victims
  • 疾病對巴基斯坦洪災災民構成威脅
  •   Officials overseeing relief efforts in Pakistan say an outbreak of disease is presenting a new threat to flood victims as they brace for more rain.
  • 負責巴基斯坦救災工作的官員說,在災民面臨更多降雨來襲的同時,疾病的爆發給洪災災民帶來新的威脅。

  •   Health officials Friday said the lack of clean drinking water and sanitation is spreading diarrhea and other diseases that could threaten lives.
  • 衛生官員星期五說,缺少清潔飲用水和衛生設施導致可能威脅生命的腹瀉和其他疾病的傳播。

  •   An estimated 1,600 people have died from over two weeks of record flooding in the country brought on by heavy monsoon rains.
  • 兩個星期以來,巴基斯坦由季風雨帶來的創記錄的洪水已經導致大約 1 千 600 多人喪生。

  •   More storms are expected in the coming days across much of the country.
  • 巴基斯坦各地在未來幾天裏預計還會出現更多的風暴。

  •   The United Nations has appealed for $460 million to provide immediate help, including food, shelter and clean water.
  • 聯合國籲請得到 4.6 億美元的捐款,急需向災民提供包括食品,住房和清潔用水等幫助。


EPT 美語
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