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八月份 第 11 課

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  • (2006-08-14)------

  • China's Army and Police to Work on Typhoon Relief
  • 中國軍警要從事抗颱風救援工作
  •   China has instructed its army and police to help with relief efforts in southern and eastern parts of the country devastated by a series of typhoons.
  • 中國下令軍隊和警察協助中國南部和東部遭受一系列颱風襲擊地區的救援工作。

  •   The country's official news agency, Xinhua, said today (Monday) the army issued an order for soldiers to help evacuate and resettle people, and to distribute food, water, medicine and other supplies to storm victims.
  • 中國官方的新華社今天說,軍方向軍人發出了命令,要他們協助老百姓疏散或重新安頓,並且向受災民眾分發食品、水、醫藥和其它供應品。

  •   Troops and police also have been ordered to begin work on repairs to damaged roads, communication, electricity and water-supply systems.
  • 部隊和警察還奉命開始修繕遭到破壞的道路、通訊設施、電力及供水系統。

  •   China has been hit by eight typhoons this year. The latest typhoon, Saomai, killed at least 214 people last week in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces.
  • 中國今年以來已經遭受了8次颱風的襲擊.最近的颱風「桑美」上星期在福建和浙江兩省導致了至少214人死亡。

  •   The storm is said to be the strongest typhoon to hit China in 50 years.
  • 據說這次風暴是近50年來襲擊中國最強勁的颱風。


  • (2006-08-14)------

  • Israel-Hezbollah Ceasefire Takes Effect
  • 以色列和真主黨停火生效
  •   Israeli forces and Hezbollah militants in Lebanon have stopped more than a month of fighting after a U.N.-mediated ceasefire took hold today (Monday).
  • 聯合國調解的停火今天生效以來,以色列部隊和黎巴嫩真主黨激進分子停止了在黎巴嫩持續了一個多月的戰鬥。

  •   U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan says the ceasefire appears generally to be holding. No major clashes have been reported since it took effect.
  • 聯合國秘書長安南說,停火基本上得到了遵守.停火生效以來沒有關於重大衝突的報導。

  •   But the Israeli military says its troops shot dead two Hezbollah fighters in separate incidents.
  • 但以色列軍方說,以色列部隊在兩起衝突中打死了兩名真主黨武裝分子。

  •   Thousands of displaced Lebanese are jamming roads as they try to return to their villages in the south.
  • 成千上萬流離失所的黎巴嫩人在返回南部村莊的時候,阻塞了道路。

  •   Israel says its forces will hold most positions seized in recent days and continue its air and sea blockade of Lebanon until an international system is in place to prevent arms shipments to Hezbollah.
  • 以色列說,以色列部隊將駐守絕大多數在最近幾天奪取的陣地,並繼續對黎巴嫩進行空中和海上封鎖,直到防止向真主黨運送武器的國際體制就位。

  •   U.N. officials met today (Monday) with Israeli and Lebanese army officials to discuss the transfer of Lebanese territory now under Israeli control.
  • 聯合國官員今天會見了以色列和黎巴嫩軍事官員,討論移交現在以色列佔領下的黎巴嫩領土問題。


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