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八月份 第 11 課

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  • (2007-08-15)------

  • Iran Arrests 2 Chinese Nationals on Spying Charges
  • 伊朗以間諜罪逮捕兩中國人
  •   Iranian officials say two Chinese nationals have been arrested on spying charges after they photographed and filmed nuclear and military facilities.
  • 伊朗官員表示,兩名中國人在對伊朗的核設施和軍事設施拍照和錄相之後被以間諜罪指控逮捕。

  •   The officials say the two were detained in the northern town of Arak, where Iran is building a heavy water nuclear reactor.
  • 伊朗官員說,他們在北部的阿拉克鎮被拘押,伊朗正在那裡建造一個重水核反應爐。

  •   Iranian officials say the two entered Iran through Kish Island in the country's south.
  • 伊朗官員說,這兩名中國人通過南部的基什島進入伊朗。

  •   Tehran has often accused Western nationals of spying, but allegations against Chinese citizens are unusual.
  • 德黑蘭經常指控西方人從事間諜活動,但是對中國人的指控卻很少見。

  •   Washington and its allies accuse Iran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons, a charge Tehran denies.
  • 華盛頓及其盟友指責伊朗謀求發展核武器,德黑蘭予以否認。


  • (2007-08-15)------

  • World Anti-Doping Agency Urges China to Increase Tests
  • 世界反興奮劑組織促中國增加測試
  •   World Anti-Doping Agency president Dick Pound has urged 2008 Summer Olympic host China to increase the number of doping tests it carries out on its athletes.
  • 世界反興奮劑組織主席迪克.龐德敦促主辦 2008 夏季奧運會的中國增加對其運動員的興奮劑測試次數。

  •   On Wednesday, Pound asked Chinese authorities to "go the extra mile" to show the world it is serious about cracking down on doping.
  • 龐德星期三要求中國有關當局「再進一步」向世界展示中國在打擊興奮劑問題上是嚴肅認真的。

  •   China has suffered several doping scandals in recent years.
  • 近幾年,中國已經數次爆出興奮劑醜聞。

  •   He also said he would also push for a crackdown on Chinese internet sites that sell performance-enhancing drugs.
  • 他還說,將會敦促有關方面加強對銷售運動興奮劑的中國互聯網站的打擊力度。

  •   China has increased its doping tests from around nine-thousand to 10-thousand, with about 70-percent of them taking place out-of-competition.
  • 中國已經將興奮劑測試從原先的 9 千次提升到 1 萬次,其中大約 70 % 在非比賽期間進行。

  •   But Pound says the Chinese are "not doing as many as they probably should."
  • 但是龐德說,中國應該要做得更多。

  •   The WADA president will travel to China next month to meet officials from the Olympic organizing committee, and says he will be "very direct" in telling them what needs to be done.
  • 這位世界反興奮劑組織主席下個月將前往中國與奧組委官員會晤,並說他會「直接了當」地告訴他們需要做出哪些努力。

  •   Zhao Jian, the head of the Anti-Doping Commission for the Chinese Olympic Committee, says China has learned from its doping scandals and is making progress.
  • 中國奧林匹克委員會反興奮劑委員會負責人趙健說,中國已經從興奮劑醜聞中汲取了教訓,正在這個問題上取得進展。


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