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八月份 第 11 課

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  • (2008-08-15)------

  • Pro-Tibet Activists Stage New Protest in Beijing
  • 親西藏活動人士在北京舉行新抗議
  •   Chinese police have detained several foreign activists who covered a Beijing Olympics billboard with a banner calling for freedom for Tibet.
  • 中國警方拘留了幾名外國活動人士,他們在北京奧運會的一塊標語牌上懸掛要求西藏自由的橫幅。

  •   There was no immediate word about what happened to the protesters.
  • 目前還沒有關於這些抗議者命運的消息。

  •   Other foreign demonstrators have been quickly deported.
  • 其他的外國示威者已經很快被驅逐出境。

  •   During the latest protest, two activists scaled the new headquarters of China's state-run television broadcaster today (Friday) and hung an English and Chinese banner on top of a billboard for the Beijing Olympics.
  • 在最新發生的這起抗議事件中,兩名活動人士今天 (星期五) 爬上中國中央電視台的新總部大樓,並在北京奧運會的一塊標語牌上懸掛用中英文寫的橫幅。

  •   The New York-based group Students for a Free Tibet tells VOA the two climbers -- an Australian-Canadian and Briton -- were detained along with three American activists at the scene.
  • 總部設在紐約的西藏自由學生組織告訴美國之音,這兩名攀爬者一個是澳大利亞裔加拿大人,一個是英國人,同時在場被拘留的還有三名美國活動人士。

  •   The group says it is trying to draw attention to China's attempt to use the Games to construct what it calls a lie about the situation in Tibet.
  • 該組織說,他們這樣做是為了引起公眾注意中國利用奧運會來編造有關西藏局勢的「謊言」。


  • (2008-08-15)------

  • Taiwan's Ex-President Admits he Wired Campaign Funds Overseas
  • 台灣前總統承認他將競選經費匯到海外
  •   Taiwan's former President Chen Shui-bian has admitted he failed to fully declare his assets while in office and that leftover funds from his election campaigns were wired overseas.
  • 台灣前總統陳水扁承認在擔任總統期間未能完全如實申報財產,並將剩餘的競選經費匯到海外。

  •   In a statement today (Friday), Mr. Chen acknowledged that he committed serious mistakes and caused irreparable damage to his Democratic Progressive Party.
  • 陳水扁星期五在一份聲明中承認,他犯下嚴重的錯誤,對民進黨造成無法挽回的傷害。

  •   He said he has quit the party and apologized to the people of Taiwan.
  • 他說,他已經退出民進黨並向台灣人民道歉。

  •   His statement comes a day after Taiwan launched a new probe into allegations that he was involved in money laundering, charges the former president denies.
  • 在陳水扁發表聲明的前一天,台灣對陳水扁捲入洗錢活動的指稱展開新的調查;不過,陳水扁否認這一指控。

  •   On Thursday, a Taiwan lawmaker revealed that Mr. Chen's son and daughter-in-law had transferred about 30 million dollars to their Swiss bank accounts last year.
  • 星期四,台灣的一名立法委員透露,陳水扁的兒子和兒媳去年把大約 3 千萬美元轉移到他們的瑞士銀行帳戶。

  •   Swiss prosecutors have requested Taiwan's assistance in investigating the funds.
  • 瑞士的檢察機關已要求台灣協助對這筆資金進行調查。


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