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八月份 第 11 課

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  • (2009-08-17)------

  • Chinese Villagers Attack Smelting Plant Blamed for Lead Poisoning
  • 中國村民因鉛中毒怒闖冶煉廠
  •   Hundreds of villagers in northwestern China have attacked a smelting plant they blame for causing lead poisoning in their children.
  • 中國西北部數百名村民闖入一家金屬冶煉廠,他們指責這家工廠造成了他們的子女鉛中毒。

  •   The Chinese villagers tore down fences surrounding the plant Monday in the town of Changqing in Shaanxi province and damaged at least 10 trucks.
  • 在陜西的長青鎮,村民推倒了廠區圍墻,至少有 10 輛卡車被毀壞。

  •   About 100 police arrived at the scene and dispersed the protesters.
  • 約 100 名警察星期一被派到長青鎮,驅散了抗議者。

  •   Medical tests on children living near the plant recently revealed that 615 have lead poisoning, which can damage the brain and nervous system.
  • 對居住在廠區附近的兒童們進行的醫療檢查發現有 615 名兒童有鉛中毒,鉛中毒會導致大腦和神經系統受損。

  •   One-hundred-and-sixty-six children had to be admitted to hospitals.
  • 有 166 名兒童住院。


  • (2009-08-17)------

  • Truck Bomb Kills 20 in Russia's Caucasus Region
  • 俄羅斯高加索地區卡車炸彈襲擊 20 人死
  •   A suicide bomber rammed a truck loaded with explosives into a police headquarters in Russia's southern republic of Ingushetia Monday, killing 20 people and injuring more than 100.
  • 一名自殺式炸彈殺手星期一開著一輛載有炸藥的卡車衝進俄羅斯南部印古什共和國的一個警察局,炸死 20 人,炸傷 100 多人。

  •   Authorities say the bombing in Nazran -- the deadliest in Russia's southern republics in recent years -- occurred as police officers lined up for morning roll call.
  • 當局說,納茲蘭的爆炸案是俄羅斯南部共和國最近幾年來發生的最嚴重的爆炸襲擊;當時警官們正在排隊進行早點名。

  •   Police say the bomber crashed through the gates of the facility in a light truck packed with 200 kilograms of explosives.
  • 警方說,這名自殺式炸彈殺手駕駛著輕型卡車衝過建築物的大門,車上載有超過 200 公斤的炸藥。

  •   Police gunfire failed to stop the attack.
  • 警方開火,卻未能阻止襲擊。

  •   Witnesses described a scene of devastation, with burned-out vehicles, twisted rubble and charred trees littering the area.
  • 目擊者形容爆炸現場是一片廢墟,到處是焚燒的車輛、扭曲變形的輪胎和燒焦的樹木。

  •   Nearby buildings were also heavily damaged.
  • 附近的建築物也嚴重受損。

  •   Ingushetia's Kremlin-appointed President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov -- badly wounded in another suicide bombing two months ago -- said Monday's attack was an attempt by militants to avenge recent security sweeps along the Chechen border.
  • 由俄羅斯任命的印古什共和國總統葉夫庫羅夫說,星期一的這次襲擊是激進分子對最近車臣邊境的安全掃蕩進行報復;葉夫庫羅夫兩個月前在另外一次自殺式炸彈襲擊中受了重傷。


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