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八月份 第 11 課

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  • (2010-08-16)------

  • China Surpasses Japan as World's No. 2 Economy
  • 中國超日本成為世界第二大經濟體
  •   New figures show China has overtaken Japan to become the world's second largest economy -- a development analysts describe as a milestone in China's meteoric rise as a world power.
  • 新的統計數據顯示,中國已經取代日本成為世界第二大經濟體,分析人士將這一進展形容為中國飛速崛起成為世界大國的里程碑。

  •   The figures came Monday from the government of Japan, which noted its own growth was slower than expected in the second quarter of this year.
  • 日本政府星期一發佈了這些數據,顯示日本今年第二季度的經濟增長低於預期。

  •   Tokyo said its economy as measured by Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, stood at $1.288 trillion during April, May and June, compared to China's $1.337 trillion in the period.
  • 東京說,日本四月、五月和六月的國民生產總值(GDP)為 1 萬 2 千 8 百 80 億美元,而中國同期的國民生產總值則為 1 萬 3 千 3 百 70 億美元。

  •   With years of economic growth in the 10 percent range, China has been rapidly climbing the ranks of top economies, surpassing France, Britain and Germany before toppling Japan.
  • 多年來,中國經濟增長保持在 10 % 左右,中國迅速超越其他世界經濟大國,中國經濟在超越日本之前,已經超越法國、英國和德國。

  •   But experts say it will be as much as 20 years before China can catch the United States, which remains almost three times larger with an annual GDP of more than $14 trillion.
  • 但是專家說,中國經濟要想趕上美國,還需要多達 20 年;美國的年國民生產總值超過 14 萬億美元,仍保持在幾乎是中國的三倍水準。


  • (2010-08-16)------

  • Chinese Bank Stock Sale Sets Record
  • 中國農行股票銷售創記錄
  •   The Agricultural Bank of China says it raised a world record $22.1 billion in its initial public offering of stock last month.
  • 中國農業銀行說,他們在上個月首次上市股票,籌集到創世界記錄的 221 億美元。

  •   The stock offering was expanded to meet demand from investors.
  • 為了滿足投資者需求,農業銀行擴大了上市股票的數額。

  •   The money raised by the initial stock sale exceeds the previous record set several years ago by another Chinese bank.
  • 這次首次上市股票融資數額打破了幾年前由中國另一家銀行創造的記錄。

  •   The Beijing-based lender is the last of the major Chinese banks to offer stock to the public, wrapping up a lengthy overhaul of the nation's banking industry.
  • 這家總部設在北京的銀行是中國最後一家上市股票的主要銀行,從而完成了中國銀行業曠日持久的全面改革。


EPT 美語
EPT 美語
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