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八月份 第 12 課

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  • (2007-08-16)------

  • China Investigates Toy Manufacturers
  • 中國調查玩具生產公司
  •   China's Commerce Ministry is investigating Chinese companies that produced and exported toys the U.S. company Mattel says are unsafe.
  • 中國商務部正在調查生產並出口美國美泰公司所說的不安全玩具的中國公司。

  •   The ministry said Thursday manufacturers and exporters of the toys will not be allowed to operate until their products are deemed safe.
  • 中國商務部星期四說,生產和出口這些玩具的公司在產品達到安全標準之前將停產。

  •   The U.S. toy company Mattel has recalled more 18 million toys made in China due to safety concerns.
  • 美國玩具製造商美泰公司出於安全考慮,召回了 1800 多萬件中國製造的玩具。

  •   Mattel says the toys had unsafe amounts of lead paint and small magnets children could choke on.
  • 美泰公司說,這些玩具的含鉛量超過安全標準,並帶有兒童可能吞嚥而導致窒息的小磁片。

  •   Commerce Ministry spokesman Wang Xinpei says China's toy exports are safe and the media are exaggerating the extent of the problem.
  • 中國商務部發言人王新培說,中國出口的玩具是安全的,媒體誇大了問題的嚴重性。


  • (2007-08-16)------

  • Indonesian Woman Dies Bird Flu
  • 印尼一婦女感染禽流感後死亡
  •   Indonesia's Health Ministry says a 17-year old woman has died of bird flu.
  • 印度尼西亞衛生部說,一名 17 歲的婦女死於禽流感。

  •   Authorities say the woman died Tuesday in Tangerang, west of Indonesia's capital, Jakarta.
  • 有關當局說,這名婦女星期二在首都雅加達以西的丹格朗地區死亡。

  •   She is the 83rd Indonesian to have died of the virus.
  • 她是印尼第 83 個感染禽流感病毒死亡的人。

  •   Earlier this week, a 29-year old woman living on the island of Bali died of the disease, becoming the resort island's first known human fatality from the often-deadly H5N1 strain of the virus.
  • 本周早些時候,巴里島一名 29 歲的婦女死於禽流感,成為巴里島第一個死於致命的 H5N1 型禽流感病毒的人。

  •   More than 190 people worldwide have died from bird flu since the outbreak began in 2003, mostly in Asian nations.
  • 自 2003 年禽流感在世界各地爆發以來,已經造成 190 多人死亡,大部分死亡發生在亞洲國家。

  •   The virus is mainly passed to humans through contact with infected animals.
  • 人類感染禽流感病毒通常是通過接觸染有病毒的動物。

  •   But experts fear the virus could mutate into a form that is more easily transmissible by human-to-human contact.
  • 但是專家擔心,這種病毒會出現更容易在人與人之間傳染的變異。


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