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八月份 第 12 課

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  • (2010-08-17)------

  • China, IAEA, Sign Nuclear Cooperation Agreement
  • 中國和國際原子能機構簽署合作協議
  •   China and the International Atomic Energy Agency have pledged to work together to improve nuclear security in East Asia.
  • 中國和國際原子能機構承諾要相互合作,改善東亞的核安全。

  •   A new agreement also requires the two to cooperate more closely in such areas as staff training and regulations and standards.
  • 雙方簽署的一個新的協議也要求雙方在人員培訓以及規則和標準方面進行更密切的合作。

  •   The deal was signed Tuesday during a visit to Beijing by Japanese diplomat Yukiya Amano, who became head of the IAEA in December.
  • 這個協議是日本外交官天野之彌星期二訪問北京時簽署的;天野之彌去年 12 月成為國際原子能機構總幹事。

  •   China Atomic Energy Authority Chairman Chen Qiufa signed for China.
  • 中國國家原子能機構主任陳求發代表中國在協議上簽了字。

  •   Reports from the meeting did not mention North Korea, which says it has tested nuclear weapons and is considered the most serious threat to nuclear security in the region.
  • 有關這次會談的報導沒有提及宣稱已經進行過核武器測試而且被認為是對東亞核安全造成最嚴重威脅的北韓。

  •   China is North Korea's most important supplier of aid and essential goods.
  • 中國是北韓最重要的援助和必需品的供應國。


  • (2010-08-17)------

  • China Plays Down No. 2 Economic Ranking
  • 中國低調看待全球第二大經濟體的排名
  •   Chinese officials and media are playing down the country's emergence as the world's second largest economy, insisting that China is still a developing country with millions of impoverished citizens.
  • 中國官員和媒體低調看待中國成為全球第二大經濟體的排名,堅持說中國仍然是個發展中國家,有數千萬貧困人口。

  •   At a briefing Tuesday, Commerce Ministry spokesman Yao Jian urged reporters to pay as much attention to China's low per-capita income as to its fast-growing GDP.
  • 中國商務部發言人姚堅在星期二舉行的發佈會上敦促記者在關注中國快速增長的國內生產總值的同時,同樣關注中國低水準的人均收入。

  •   New figures released Monday in Tokyo showed China's production overtook Japan's during April, May and June, making China's economy second only to that of the United States.
  • 東京星期一公佈的最新數據顯示,中國的生產總量在今年第二季度超過了日本,使得中國的經濟僅次於美國。

  •   But average incomes in China still are only one-tenth as high as in Japan.
  • 但是中國的平均收入仍然只有日本的十分之一。

  •   The Communist Party-controlled newspaper Global Times warned Tuesday that China's new economic might has brought it "jealousy" and unwanted attention.
  • 中共控制的環球時報星期二警告說,中國新的經濟實力給中國帶來了嫉妒和不必要的注意力。

  •   Beijing faces international pressure to do more to counter climate change and allow its currency to float.
  • 北京現在面臨著國際壓力,要求在應對氣候變化方面做得更多並且允許人民幣浮動。


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