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八月份 第 13 課

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  • (2006-08-16)------

  • China to Regulate Short Online Videos
  • 中國將管控網上視頻短片
  •   China's official Xinhua news agency says the government will begin regulating online videos as part of new censorship restrictions on the Internet.
  • 中國官方新華社說,做為對因特網審查新限制的一部份,政府將開始對網上視頻短片進行管理。

  •   Xinhua says that beginning in late August or September, websites that broadcast short films will need approval from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.
  • 新華社說,從8月下旬或9月份開始,播放視頻短片的網站需要得到國家廣電總局的批准。

  •   Only authorized websites (such as,, and will be allowed to show the short films.
  • 只有政府授權的網站才允許播放網絡短片。

  •   Short videos, often parodies of classic movies or events in everyday life, have grown in popularity in China, as they have elsewhere.
  • 往往對經典電影或日常生活中事件進行諷喻的網絡視頻短片,像在其它地方一樣,在中國愈來愈流行。

  •   But, such films are controversial in China, where the Internet is closely monitored.
  • 但是,這些視頻短片在互聯網受到嚴密監控的中國是有爭議的。


  • (2006-08-16)------

  • China Urges Iran to Accept Nuclear Incentives Package
  • 中國敦促伊朗接受核激勵計劃
  •   China is urging Iran to accept an incentives packaged it and five other countries have offered in exchange for Tehran's agreement to suspend uranium enrichment.
  • 中國敦促伊朗接受中國和其他5個國家提出的換取德黑蘭同意停止濃縮鈾活動的激勵計劃。

  •   China's official Xinhua news agency says Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai met his Iranian counterpart Ali Larijani Tuesday in Tehran.
  • 中國官方新華社說,外交部部長助理崔天凱星期二在德黑蘭會見了伊朗官員拉里賈尼。

  •   Xinhua says he told the Iranian official that China hopes Iran will seize the opportunity to respond to the package in the positive way.
  • 新華社說,崔天凱對伊朗官員說,中國希望伊朗抓住機會對激勵計劃做出正面回應。

  •   In June, the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (the United States, Russia, China, France and Britain), as well as Germany, offered the package in exchange for the suspension.
  • 今年6月,聯合國安理會5個常任理事國和德國提出了這一激勵計劃,以換取伊朗停止其濃縮鈾活動。

  •   Iran has not yet accepted the incentives, but says it will respond by August 22nd. It could face U.N. sanctions if it refuses the offer.
  • 伊朗還沒有接受這一激勵計劃,但是表示將在8月22號前做出回應.如果拒絕接受這一計劃,伊朗可能面臨聯合國制裁。

  •   The U.S. and its Western allies believe Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. Tehran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.
  • 美國及其西方盟友相信,伊朗試圖發展核武器.伊朗說,核計劃是用於和平目的。


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