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八月份 第 13 課

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  • (2009-08-19)------

  • Technical Problems Delay South Korean Rocket Launch
  • 技術問題使南韓推遲火箭發射
  •   South Korea has postponed the launch of its first space-bound rocket, citing technical problems.
  • 南韓以技術問題為由推遲了首枚太空火箭發射。

  •   Engineers aborted the launch Wednesday less than eight minutes before the scheduled liftoff from the Naro Space Center south of Seoul.
  • 火箭發射前八分鐘工程師突然放棄發射;火箭原計劃星期三從首爾以南的羅老航太中心發射。

  •   The rocket, made in cooperation with Russia, was to carry a Korean-made observation satellite into orbit.
  • 這枚火箭由南韓和俄羅斯合作研發,計劃將把南韓製造的觀測衛星送入太空軌道。

  •   A policy director at South Korea's Ministry of Education, Space and Technology (Lee Sang-mok) says a pressure valve on one of the rocket's fuel tanks showed a drop.
  • 南韓教育部空間和技術政策主任說,火箭燃料箱的一個壓力閥顯示壓力降低。

  •   He said Korean and Russian engineers are analyzing the problem.
  • 他說南韓和俄羅斯的工程師正在分析問題。

  •   The launch has been postponed several other times.
  • 火箭的發射已經被推遲幾次。

  •   South Korea previously has launched satellites from overseas sites on foreign-made rockets.
  • 南韓先前發射的衛星是在海外用外國製造的火箭發射的。


  • (2009-08-19)------

  • Taiwan President Scolded by Typhoon Survivors
  • 颱風倖存者譴責台灣總統
  •   Survivors of a typhoon in southern Taiwan have scolded the island's President Ma Ying-jeou as he toured the ruins of a village devastated by the storm earlier this month.
  • 台灣總統馬英九視察本月早些時候一個遭受莫拉克颱風重創村子時受到倖存者強烈批評。

  •   Mr. Ma's public approval has plunged in recent days with growing criticism of his government's response to Typhoon Morakot.
  • 由於政府對於颱風救災處理不當,總統馬英九的公眾支援率直線下降。

  •   President Ma burned incense at the ruins of Shiao Lin village Wednesday to pay tribute to hundreds of residents feared buried by mudslides.
  • 馬英九星期三在小林村廢墟前燒香,祭拜在風災泥石流中被掩埋的數百名遇難者。

  •   Some survivors shouted at him, accusing him of mismanagement and coming too late.
  • 一些倖存者對馬英九悲憤叫喊,指責他管理不當,拖延救災工作。

  •   Mr. Ma promised government aid to help rebuild the village and consoled grieving relatives, some dressed in traditional mourning robes.
  • 馬英承諾政府將幫助重建小林村,並撫慰了一些穿著喪服的死難者親屬。

  •   In another development, Taiwan Prime Minister Liu Chao-shiuan said Wednesday his defense minister and Cabinet secretary-general have offered to quit due to criticism of their response to the typhoon.
  • 另一方面,台灣行政院長劉兆玄星期三表示,台灣國防部長和行政院秘書長為政府對颱風“莫拉克”反應遲緩而引咎辭職。


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